How To Pin An Image In Pinterest

November 5th, 2012

Pinterest is a site that showcases popular images posted by users. Images are linked back to the original site that they were posted from. This can be utilized as a marketing tool if you have nice images displaying your products that you have for sale on your site. This short video will show you how to ‘pin’ your images so that other Pinterest users can see them.


Pinterest is another great way to promote your businesses products, and hopefully catch the attention of users browsing the site. Think of Pinterest as a bulletin board where users pin images to. Users can then click on the image and be taken to the website where the image was pinned from.

Images with many repins will be the ones you see on the main bulletin board at

So how can you pin some images from your website? First, click on the Join Pinterest button. You can sign up with your Facebook account, twitter account, or using your email address. Any of the three options will do. I’m going to fast forward through the sign up process as that is pretty basic, and just skip ahead to the part about pinning.

So once you have signed up and are logged in, go to

You should land on a page that looks similar to this. Locate the Pin It button, and drag and drop this button onto your bookmarks bar. So if you are using Safari, the process should look just like this.

Now, head over to your website and locate an image that you want to pin. Once you are on the page with that image, click on the Pin It button. You will then be shown all of the images on the page. Click on the image that you want to pin. A popup window should appear. If this is your first time pinning an image, you will need to create a board for it. The board is basically creating a new bulletin board for this image to be pinned on, since it cannot automatically be pinned on the main board at For my example, my business is called Jeremy’s Golf Shop, so that is what I will name this board. Then, all you need to do is click Pin It, and you’re done.

You can now pin more images if you want. You can add them to the same board that you just created, or create a new one if you want. You are not limited to pinning images just from your site. You can pin images from any website.

This can be a good marketing tool for users who sell items such as clothing or jewellery, or almost any product that would catch the eye of someone browsing through Pinterest.

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