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#1184 Mac Explorer Has Amnesia.

Posted by impulsenyc on 02 February 2007 - 12:48 AM in Macintosh Explorer

The plist file will be re-created when you quit and application. It is created for every single app you have on your computer. The Mac Explorer Prefs file stores all of your settings for Macintosh Explorer.

The command-down arrow will be added to the next free update. Return to launch has to be kept consistent with the Finder.

It seems that Mac Explorer will remember my window size when I quit the application and relaunch it, but when I close the initial window, while leaving the application running, any new window will revert back to the smaller size. Any way around that? It also seems to forget that I only want icons and no text in the toolbar.

Would also love support for horizontal scrolling on newer mice. Awesome product. :o)