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#2232 Ragesw - Why Don't You Admit Defeat In Delivering Macintosh Explor

Posted by printmkr on 11 April 2008 - 08:14 AM in Macintosh Explorer

forget about it. I bought this product regrettably, and they haven't done @#$% with it for over a year. How about stepping up and offering refunds?

#1987 Macintosh Explorer

Posted by printmkr on 12 February 2008 - 09:42 PM in Macintosh Explorer

I enjoy your enthusiasm, but I have to tell you... those of us who purchased this product have been waiting 8 months for... wait for it... not Leopard support, but Universal support! We all think this product is pretty much dead, Of course the official word is "this project is very much alive" but I think Keith Richards gets a new blood transfusion more often than this code gets updated. Which is a shame as i think they have a very good option vs Pathfinder or Forklift. Not everything from Windows was bad.

#1526 Any Word On Universal Version?

Posted by printmkr on 21 July 2007 - 12:43 PM in Macintosh Explorer

Any news on a new version? I have been using PathFinder and ForkLift but still come back to your product. I would get a warm and fuzzy, though, if this felt a little less like abandonware.