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#5132 Problems Publishing My Website After Updating Iweb Seo

Posted by Youdster on 18 August 2010 - 02:11 PM in SEO Software & Discussions

I found iweb seo and was delighted. I spent all of Sunday going through many steps. I put my iweb sight in a folder, coded tags, google analytics etc. Then I pushed the "publish" button. I published to mobile me, since that's who hosts my sight. It said it successfully published. But it didn't. I went to "view source" on my computer, and the metatags and tags aren't there. Also, the google analytics isn't working. I feel like I'm probably missing one small step. Can anyone help???



Hi Caroline

We had a similar problem today, but it turned out that the permissions in the iWeb files were not set correctly (i.e. the current user did not have read/write permissions for the iWeb exported files). Also, we had selected a folder one level down from the main root folder for the site, so the changes were not applied when exported. I'd suggest that you check permissions on the files (cmd+I on the file in the finder) and make sure you've imported the main root folder for the site into iWeb SEO Tool. I hope the 'Help' files supplied will be updated with a troubleshooting section to help other users who experience the same problem. Hope that helps, Chris.