How To Tell If A Site Has Been Published Correctly With WebCrusher

May 20th, 2011

If you are unsure if you’re site has been published correctly using WebCrusher, this short video demonstration will show you how you can easily identify a properly published website.

Video Transcript

To check to see if you have properly published your site after using WebCrusher, simply open your website in your browser, go to View in the menu bar, and select View Source.

If your code looks like normal code with various spaces and line breaks like this, you have NOT published your site correctly with WebCrusher.

But if your code looks like this, with all of the code being tightly squeezed together, then you have published your site correctly with WebCrusher.

And that is the easiest way to determine if your site was published correctly with WebCrusher. If your site was not published correctly, go back to the Publish window in WebCrusher and make sure you have entered your FTP login details correctly, as well that you specified the correct Directory Path.

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