EverWeb Navigation Menu Case Study

April 29th, 2015

Have you ever wondered how the navigation menu – including the drop down, or submenu – was created on the EverWeb website?



The video tutorial below will illustrate to you exactly how we created this navigation menu. See every step involved for creating the navigation menu that is used on the EverWeb website. Full transcript below.


In this tutorial, I am going to show you how we made the drop down navigation menu seen here on the EverWeb website.

Here we see a slight replica of the EverWeb website. I also have some of the pages that we see in the navigation menu on the site. The resources, and support pages are the ones with a drop down menu.

The first thing we should note is that the navigation menu that I have selected here, is on a black gradient filled shape. We won’t get into detail on the gradient in this tutorial.

What I’m going to do now is just delete the navigation menu, so you can see what I do as I re-create it.

So now I will drag the navigation menu widget on to the page.

With the widget settings tab selected in the inspector window, I am going to modify a few values so that the menu ends up looking exactly like it did earlier.

The first thing I will change is the alignment, and that will be Right aligned.

The padding value will be 8, the spacing value will be 24, and the minimum width value will be 61. If you are making your own navigation menu similar to this, these values are not set in stone. As I mentioned before, I am re-creating the menu exactly as it was, and these are the values that we chose when we initially made the menu.

The background color is Lead, and the mouse over color is Tungsten. Use separator line is enabled, and the separator color is also Tungsten.

I will also change the font to Open Sans, which is the font we use on this site. I will also change the font size to 14.

I’ll now click on the Hyperlinks tab, and change all of the colors to Snow. Then I will disable Underline for Normal and Visited, but leave it enabled on Rollover.

And that is how the navigation menu on everwebapp.com is created.

iWeb SEO Tool 3.0 now Free!

February 14th, 2015

iWeb SEO Tool was first released back in 2008. It’s been over 7 years that we have been developing the most popular search engine optimization software for iWeb.

Since iWeb has been discontinued officially for over 3 years and hasn’t received an update since 2009, it is well past the time to move on and start looking towards the future. Most users of iWeb have had problems using iWeb and the latest Mavericks and Yosemite version of OS X.

We need to focus all our attention and resources on building the best web site builder for OS X. So today we are officially discontinuing iWeb SEO Tool and will no longer be providing customer support for it. Of course, we still have tons of free video tutorials on how to use it, as well as out free SEO for iWeb video tutorials which you are certainly free to continue using.

When you’re ready, and if you haven’t already done so, come check out EverWeb, our new, modern iWeb replacement that is built specifically for designing professional websites. We have more themes, more features and more updates that we continue to release on a regular basis.

Even more so, every license of EverWeb comes with access to our free discussion forums, free video tutorials and 24/7 email and phone support.

When it comes to website building, we have you covered and we’re working extremely hard to push out updates with amazing new features as quickly as we can.

So if you haven’t already done, download the free trial of EverWeb and learn how to easily move your iWeb site to EverWeb.

Directory Changes in EverWeb 1.7

December 28th, 2014

With the release of EverWeb 1.7 we made some changes to the way directories work, but don’t worry, you can easily return to the old functionality with a simple checkbox.

Directories in EverWeb 1.6 and earlier would be their own page. Which means that if a visitor to your page clicked the directory name in the navigation bar, they would be taken to the page you designed for that directory.

On a desktop computer, when the mouse hovered over the directory page in the navigation menu the visitor would see the drop down menu. On mobile devices there is no mouse hover. The visitor has to click on the directory page to see the drop down menu. On iOS this worked pretty well, when you clicked on a directory in the navigation menu you would see the drop down menu. Clicking again would take you to the directory page.

On Android devices this wouldn’t work this way. Basically clicking on the directory page would instantly take you to that page and never show the drop down menu.

For this reason, and because it is unlikely that a visitor would visit that specific directory page, we changed the default behavior. As of EverWeb 1.7 a directory page is not an actual page. So you will now add sub pages to the directory but you can’t actually edit the main directory page.

However, we did leave the option of going back to the old behavior if you preferred that. Keep in mind though, this will cause problems as mentioned above on Android devices.

To return to the old behavior, select the directory in EverWeb and go to Page Settings in the Inspector (first tab). Under the Web Page Description field you will see the option that says ‘Redirect to first child page’. Uncheck that and EverWeb will work as it did before.

EverWeb 1.7 Released; Our Holiday Gift To You

December 25th, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce one of the biggest releases to EverWeb yet!

EverWeb 1.7 brings an updated user interface for Yosemite and improvements to SEO features including making sure all images show up in search engines and support for alternative image text.

Some other features include improved integration with iPhoto, image optimization settings, a much lighter file size for faster updating and so much more!

See below for a complete list of changes, but check out our new EverWeb YouTube video;

– New Yosemite User Interface
– Significantly reduced download size of EverWeb for faster updating
– You can now drag and drop images onto existing image shapes and replace the shape contents with the new image while keeping the shape properties/settings
– Images dragged from iPhoto will use the iPhoto title instead of the file name
– New template system lets you remotely update templates
– Support for direct previewing in the iOS Simulator
– Support for img alternative text for better search engine optimization
– Images now use the img tag when possible
– All images can now properly appear in search engine result pages
– Option to adjust the quality of JPEG images within the preferences
– Option to not include the Color Profile in JPEG images so that the image size is smaller (though the colors may look slightly different within your browser) – Type ahead searching within the Assets list
– New Header Text Widget for inserting html headers
– New Mask button in toolbar
– EverWeb websites work better with HTTPS servers now
– Google fonts will now work on secure (https) websites
– Fixed an issue where using line feeds in success message for the contact form would break it
– Fixed Youtube widget in IE 9
– Fixed blue border around images in published image gallery in Internet Explorer
– New Pages now get added after the currently selected page
– Default styling settings for underlined links will now work properly
– ‘Edit Default Styles’ button under the Hyperlinks tab in the Inspector
– Fixes for RSS Feed Widget so it now displays the proper image when publishing
– RSS Widget now looks for an image within the post content if no image is specified as the post thumbnail
– Clicking the Dock icon no longer creates a new website
– New “Made With EverWeb” button graphic
– When adding images, EverWeb is better at recognizing images that are only slightly different than existing images on your site
– Issues with using prices with decimals for Paypal widget
– Fixed issues with changing font styling in text boxes
– Speed improvements when typing in text boxes while the font panel is opened
– Made significant changes to the way assets work. You can now easily change the display name of assets after import to create retina versions (i.e. adding @2x before the file extension)
– Pinterest pin it button widget
– Updated User Manual
– Image file names no longer append the order index to their file name unless you have used an image multiple times on one page.
– Include in navigation bar option in Templates window is not visible when creating a Master Page
– Widgets are automatically added to widget list in all opened documents when installing a new one
– Enhancements to the Widget API

Beautiful Yosemite (10.10) Released By Apple

October 17th, 2014

EverWeb Is Compatible With Yosemite!

Yesterday marked the official launch of Yosemite, Apple’s latest update to the OS X operating system. We are proud to announce that EverWeb is compatible with Yosemite, so for those of you wondering if you can install the update and still use EverWeb, the answer is yes! The latest official release of EverWeb is version 1.6 so make sure that is the current version on your computer.

Yosemite brings some exciting new changes to your Mac, and that means that EverWeb will bring some new changes as well. The next version of EverWeb (1.7) will be even better and include many changes that gives the app a beautiful Yosemite look. Keep your eye out for a beta version of 1.7 to be released on our forums within the next little while.

More EverWeb News

Many EverWeb users have submitted their EverWeb made sites to be displayed on the EverWeb website. A lot of you have created some amazing websites and we are very impressed. Check them out and see just how incredible an EverWeb site can be!

As a reminder, any standalone users wishing to upgrade to an EverWeb + Hosting plan can do so in their account by going to Services > My Services, and clicking on the arrow next to View Details where you will see the Upgrade link.

EverWeb 1.6 Released; Faster Website Publishing & More…

October 6th, 2014

We’re very happy to announce the release of EverWeb 1.6.

With version 1.6 we focused on enhanced publishing which means your web sites will publish much faster to your EverWeb + Hosting account or to your FTP server. Now, minor changes will only publish the changed files even if you change the publishing location. This also means previewing websites is faster as well!

On your first publish with this new version, your entire website will have to be published. After that, you will find publishing to be significantly faster.

We also added a feature to not include new pages in the navigation bar so that your entire site does not have to be marked as changed when adding new pages.

Lastly we made lots of improvements for Retina and High resolution screens. Your websites will load faster and more efficiently on iOS and other mobile devices.

– Enhanced publishing significantly improves publishing changed web page files
– Option to not include new pages in the navigation bar so your entire site doesn’t have to be republished
– If you change the name of an asset to use @2x it will be used appropriately for retina images
– Retina CSS is not included if there aren’t retina images
– Fixed paypal widget button not appearing until you modify an option under Widget settings
– Fixed the default background color for the nav bar mouse over sub menus being exported as white instead of gray
– You can now enter anchors within the External Link field
– Fixed a crash when pressing the Add Page button while publishing your website
– Fixed issue with Facebook widget not appearing in preview
– Fixed contact form labels so they don’t wrap to a second line
– Fixed navigation bar issues
– Fixed issue with header/footer code field marking entire site as modified when copying text from it

Let us know what you think of this new version. Come on over to our discussion forums, we’d love to hear from you!

Three EverWeb Productivity Tips for iWeb Users

August 6th, 2014

We get some questions from iWeb users wondering why they should use EverWeb when iWeb may still be working for them. Instead of going through all the new features an EverWeb site can have over an iWeb site, I wanted to discuss three tips that make actually designing and maintaining your site so much easier.


EverWeb’s Master Pages

So you’ve built your site with Apple’s iWeb and probably found it very easy to use. But, what happens when you want to make a change to your website’s design? In iWeb, you have to go through every single page to do this.

In EverWeb, you just have to use the super simple Master Pages features. Master Pages let you design your site once and use that design on every single page of your site. Furthermore, you can create an unlimited number of Master Pages if some pages need different designs than others.

Simply go to the File menu and select ‘New Master Page…’. It works just like creating a regular page.

Once your Master Page is created, select the pages on your site that you want to use this Master Page and go to the Inspector and select the ‘Page Settings’ tab(first tab). Right at the top you can assign the Master Page.

Now, you only have to update the design of your Master Page and any page that uses this Master Page gets updated too. Super simple, and extremely time saving!


Object Grouping

Have you ever had a group of shapes, images text or design elements that you always want to keep together?

EverWeb has a grouping feature which treats multiple shapes as just one shape meaning they stick together exactly as you have designed them. When you move them around, they all move around as one object.

It’s a great way to better manage your website design.

To use grouping, select the objects you want to group together and go to the File menu and select ‘Group’. You can always ungroup objects in the same manner.


Object Locking

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve placed an image or text exactly where you want it but then when moving another object you accidentally move it?

With EverWeb’s object locking you can lock any object in place so it can’t be manipulated until you actually go back and unlock it.

This feature is great to avoid unwanted web page design changes and greatly reduces the amount of mistakes you can make while designing your website.

To lock an object, select it and then go to the Format menu and select Lock. You can unlock a locked object by following these same instructions.


There you have it, three great ways to make website design and management much simpler and easier. If you have any productivity tips you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.

iWeb Yosemite | Is iWeb Compatible With OS X 10.10 Yosemite

July 28th, 2014

With the recent announcement of OS X 10.10 – Yosemite – many iWeb users are wondering whether or not iWeb will still work on the latest release. Apple has opened up the Yosemite beta to the public, which means that many every day users will be downloading the new operating system a few months ahead of schedule.

So the bottom line is does iWeb work with Yosemite? We have tested iWeb on systems running Yosemite and iWeb does appear to still work with some limitations. Users may come across a few bugs here and there. For example, we came across this small bug when adding a blog to our site. The ‘Add Entry’ and ‘Delete Entry’ buttons that appear when on the blog page now appear when on any page on the website. Other issues we encountered were missing images for some widgets and incompatible widgets (such as Google maps & the MobileMe gallery).

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.13.11 PM

Though most iWeb features do still work with Yosemite, there are a few things that iWeb users should keep in mind. iWeb has not seen a major update since 2009. One day, iWeb 09 will stop working on a future update of OS X, just as iWeb 08 no longer works on OS X 10.9 or later. In addition, no future updates to iWeb will be released.

EverWeb, our iWeb replacement is compatible with OS X 10.6 through OS X 10.10, Yosemite. In addition, we have continued to update it with new features such as drop down menus, mobile websites, mouse over effects, master pages and much more. Our goal with EverWeb is to provide a modern replacement for Apple’s discontinued iWeb. Plus, we’ve made it really easy to transition your iWeb site to an EverWeb site.

EverWeb is currently being used by thousands of ex-iWeb users and they are very happy with it. Check out what EverWeb customers have to say about EverWeb. Still not convinced? Read the third party EverWeb reviews.

If you are thinking about switching from iWeb to another website builder, we encourage you to give EverWeb a try. You can download it free of charge. You can try EverWeb for an unlimited period of time. We guarantee that you will love it (so much that we have a 60 day money back guarantee when you decide to place your order).

Remember, EverWeb also comes with our free SEO for EverWeb video course to help you get more visitors to your website.

And of course, as always, if you have any questions about EverWeb join the thousands of EverWeb users on the EverWeb discussion forums.

EverWeb 1.5 Released; Image Gallery Improvements & more…

July 24th, 2014

EverWeb 1.5, our powerful drag and drop iWeb replacement is now available for download. EverWeb 1.5 focuses on improving the Image Gallery and improving the overall stability of the software.

This new version of EverWeb includes Publishing improvements for slightly faster publishing and to remove files from your local published website folder.

It also focuses on fixing some issues with certain widgets and iOS devices, importing images, and the contact form.

About EverWeb
EverWeb is a fully featured yet extremely easy to use web site builder of OS X. Without writing any code, users can create beautiful and professional websites. EverWeb includes modern features like drop down menus, mobile websites, mouse over effects, built in search engine optimization features and much more.

EverWeb can be downloaded and tested free of charge.

Let us know what you think of this release, or come over to the discussion forum and meet other EverWeb users.

Full Release Notes

[NEW] Image Gallery setting to set the size of images (small, medium, large or no change)
[NEW] Publish Entire Site will now remove all unused pages, assets and directories for a fresh upload. (note: this will not remove any files from the server, it just won\’t publish unused items anymore)
[NEW] Optimized creating new websites and adding new pages so the templates window is more responsive
[NEW] Inspector is automatically hidden when in publishing settings
[NEW] Optimizations for publishing sites with large image galleries
[CHG] Previewing goes back to using online version of jQuery instead of using local version to help improve publishing speeds
[FIX] Pages no longer marked as changed just by clicking in the design area
[FIX] Fixed an issue with converting curly quotes
[FIX] Fixed a rare issue where images would not publish properly if project file was in a directory containg a \’ or \”
[FIX] Image dragging widget now works when there is no pagination
[FIX] Contact form will now work no matter what your publish settings are set to
[FIX] RSS Widget links now work on iOS devices
[FIX] Duplicate and Delete page commands in menu bar now work properly with Master Pages
[FIX] Changing the name of a directory properly publishes the child pages
[FIX] Deleting all passwords from a directory will properly remove password protection
[FIX] Fixed an issue with mobile websites not loading properly if they weren\’t explicitly set to a page on your site
[FIX] Fixed some crashes with the undo function
[FIX] Fixed a crash when right clicking on the site name
[FIX] Fixed issues with drag and dropping assets onto EverWeb
[FIX] Internal CSS files are only published if their content has actually changed
[FIX] Fixed issue with re-opening a website that was in fullscreen mode when quitting
[FIX] Fixed issues with exporting the image gallery. Sometimes they wouldn\’t export with the correct number of columns
[FIX] Fixed an issue where images copied and pasted or dropped from another source may appear darker in EverWeb

EverWeb 1.4 Released; Captions for Image Galleries

June 10th, 2014

EverWeb 1.4 is here with one of the most requested features, Image Gallery Captions. The Image Gallery got a lot of attention with this release adding the ability to limit the number of images per page, remove the social media buttons, center the image gallery and much more.

We focused our attention on making a very powerful, feature rich Image Gallery for this release. From photographers, to artists to just showing off family fun, EverWeb now includes one of the most powerful and highly customizable image galleries. In addition to the new settings and features, users still have the option of adding cool image frames (from under the Shape Settings tab in the Inspector) to add some extra flair to their photo collections.

For users looking to add a Gallery of Image Galleries, we have a cool and unique video to show you how you can easily set up your Photo Album Galleries in EverWeb.

EverWeb 1.4 also includes improvements to the navigation menu, HTML Snippets widget, Image Slider and so much more!

TIP: You can change the font styling and alignment for your image captions using the ‘Fonts’ button in the Toolbar.

Download EverWeb 1.4 now, or use the ‘Check for Update’ feature from under the EverWeb menu and get started with it today.

Let us know what you like about this update, and what you want to see for future updates. Join the discussion on the EverWeb Discussion Forums.