New in EverWeb 4.0: Membership Sites, Global Styles, SEO Check Page and Much More!

October 3rd, 2023

We’re super excited to announce the release of EverWeb 4.0! This is a huge update headlining with the all new Membership Sites feature that can be used by every EverWeb user! Build your own membership site today! Plus there’s the all new Global Styles feature so you can easily setup default paragraph styles and global website colors. Scaleable text comes to TextBoxes and there are new Columns and Divider form controls for the Contact Form Advanced widget. But there’s so much more to discover. Check out the release video above and release notes below!

Which Version of EverWeb is for You?

EverWeb is available in the following versions:

  • If you are running Microsoft Windows 10 or 11, EverWeb 4.0 is available for you.
  • If you are running an Intel Mac running macOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura or Sonoma, EverWeb version 4.0 is available for you.
  • If you are running an Apple Silicon Mac running macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur or Sonoma, EverWeb version 4.0 is available for you as a Universal Binary. EverWeb will run natively without the need to use Rosetta 2.
  • If you are running OS X 10.10 – macOS 10.12 (OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra) EverWeb 3.4.2 is for you
  • If you are running OS X 10.7 – 10.9 (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks) EverWeb version 2.9.1 is available for you.

When updating to the latest version of EverWeb, the update process will automatically download the correct version of EverWeb for your operating system.

EverWeb 4.0 Includes…

[NEW] Global Styles allows you to change document colors, paragraph styles.

[NEW] Backup Fonts are available for Paragraph Style if the original font is not available when publishing.

[NEW] Document Colors allow you to change the color of document globally.

[NEW] Preferred Fonts can be setup for use in the Styled Text Editor.

[NEW] Paragraph Styles are available at the top of the Styled Text Editor.

[NEW] You can use a Paragraph Style in the Blog Post Editor with the new ‘Paragraph Styles’ button in the Blog Post Editor Toolbar.

[NEW] You can clear text formatting in a blog post with the ‘Clear Formatting’ button in the Blog Post Editor Toolbar.

[NEW] Font Family dropdown menu in the Text Inspector.

[NEW] Font Style dropdown menu in the Text Inspector.

[NEW] Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough buttons in the Text Inspector.

[NEW] Minimum Font Size. EverWeb can automatically scale the text in a TextBox.

[NEW] Check Pages button in the Toolbar to check the page’s SEO. Part of EverWeb SEO PowerUp Addon.

[NEW} SiteShield Addon can now be used by non EverWeb+Hosting Customers.

[NEW] EverWeb Membership Sites.

[NEW] Password Protection section in the Page Settings tab now includes ‘Membership Sites’ section for setting page access levels when using EverWeb Membership Sites.

[NEW] You can choose how the page is exported on publish using the new ‘Page Extension’ feature in the Advanced Options section of the Page Settings tab. You can choose HTML, HTM. PHP or ASP.

[NEW] Contact Forms Advanced Widget includes new Columns and Divider Form Controls.

[NEW] Contact Forms Advanced Widget gains Pattern, Read Only and Max Length options for the TextBox Form Control and Pattern for Text Area Form Control.

[NEW] The File Upload Form Control in the Contact Form Advanced Widget, used only with Contact Forms Enhanced Addon, lets you set the type of files that you accept for upload.

[NEW] New Features Tour. When you start EverWeb 4.0 you can see what is new with this interactive guide.

[IMPROVED] What’s New dialog box is now available in multiple languages.

[IMPROVED] The Widgets tab has been updated to be more easy to read.

[IMPROVED] Format-> Default Styles has been expanded.

[IMPROVED] Color Swatch now includes a ‘Recent Colors’ section.

[IMPROVED] Color Swatch is customizable using Document Colors in Default Styles.

[IMPROVED] Clicking on the Ellipses in the Color Swatch will open the Default Styles dialog box.

[IMPROVED] Hyperlinking descriptive text is now consistent throughout EverWeb.

[IMPROVED] Images set to ‘Scale to Fit’ are responsive when published and maintain their aspect ratio.

[CHANGE] Preferences dialog box in EverWeb for Windows is now correctly labelled ‘Options’.

[CHANGE] The ‘Redirects’ section at the bottom of the Page Settings tab in the Inspector Window has been renamed to ‘Advanced Options’.

[CHANGE] The Alignment Options in the Text Inspector have been moved in to their own section.

[CHANGE] You can no longer export text to image when a TextBox is set to full width.

How To Update To EverWeb 4.0 for Windows

You can easily update EverWeb for Windows by either:

  1. Launching EverWeb then opening a project file. From the Help menu at the top of the screen select ‘Check for Update’ or by
  2. Downloading EverWeb from the EverWeb website.

After downloading EverWeb, double click on the EverWebSetup.exe file. Note that the file name may have the version number appended to it and that you may need to initially trust the file to be able to download it.

Follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard until the installation is finished. You can delete the EverWebSetup.exe file afterwards by dragging it to the Recycle Bin.

How To Update To EverWeb 4.0 for macOS

You can easily update EverWeb for macOS by either:

  1. Launching EverWeb then going to the EverWeb menu at the top of the screen and selecting ‘Check for Update’ or by
  2. Downloading EverWeb from the EverWeb website.

After downloading EverWeb, double click on the EVERWEB.DMG file. A window will open. Drag the EverWeb icon on to the Applications folder icon.

Once the file has been copied, you can close the installation window, delete the .DMG file and eject the EverWeb disk on the desktop by dragging it to the Trashcan.

About Your EverWeb Update

Remember, you won’t lose any previous data when updating as your website project files are stored elsewhere on your computer.

The update is free for EverWeb + Hosting users and EverWeb Standalone users who are within their 1 year of free upgrades and support period.

You can easily check your EverWeb update period from your EverWeb-> Preferences… window on macOS, your Edit-> Options menu on Windows or from your client area.

If you have passed your one year of free EverWeb updates, you can purchase 1 more year of upgrades and support from your client area.

You can easily re-download earlier versions of EverWeb from your client area if you are not ready to purchase an additional year of updates and support.

Login to your Client Area and go to the ‘Manage Product’ page. On the left of this page, select ‘Downloads’ and choose the version of EverWeb that you need.

More Information About EverWeb

For more information about the new version of EverWeb, please check out the following resources:

  • The EverWeb website which has up to the moment information in it’s blogging section
  • New EverWeb videos on YouTube
  • The EverWeb User Manual in EverWeb’s Help-> User Manual menu
  • The EverWeb Discussion Forum

If you can’t find what you need, or have any other questions, comments or feedback please let us know.

EverWeb on Social Media

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