What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

Here are just a handful of our customers who have told us how much they love us. We are so happy to have such great users! Send us your story too and we'll post it here.

Bryan Conner had this to say about EverWeb

Many many thanks......Im a fifty something that finds running and maintaining a website a real worry and in the past I have deliberately ignored improving or updating my site because the help and support just has not been there from the hosting companies! Im very glad I changed my web hosting management to Rage and cannot sing your praises enough. Your online support is great but your personal support and assistance is excellent. I think EasyWeb looks just that.. very easy to use and I will be giving it my full attention in a few days time. 
-Bryan Conner

Andy Holt (via Twitter) had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

your software ROCKS! I bought iWeb SEO Tool and now my sites are on page 1 of a Google search using the keywords. Best $30 spent!
-Andy Holt (via Twitter)

Rob had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

Using SEO Tools has helped my site onto the top 10 out of 896,000 on Google. We make a good team!

Roddy McKay (App Store) had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

iWeb SEO Tool has been free for so long that I suppose its difficult for some to actually think about paying for it. The fact of the matter is that, if you consider the time this app saves you every time you update a website, its cheap at twice the price! Although I don use iWeb to create new sites any longer, I still have quite a few that need updated and SEO Tool will remain in use for quite so time. If I had to buy it again today I would without hesitation since it does the job quicker and easier than any other available method.
-Roddy McKay (App Store)

Anthony had this to say about SEIntelligence

Thanks to your software our phone is ringing of the hook you guys are legends!

bob166er (App Store) had this to say about SEIntelligence

An extremly helpful tool to do complex analysis of your site. A lot of suggestions to fix problems you would not even have thought about. Icon indicators like smileys and warning signs help you to get a quick look of the status of a site. The only thing I'm missing right know is that some html5 tags seem to be detected as non-compliant html code (Editor's note: added for version 2.7).
-bob166er (App Store)

Anne Nordhaus-Bike had this to say about SEIntelligence

Wanted to share our great news with you: the ANB Communications website, which was designed with all Apple products (hardware and software) and uses all Rage products for SEO, has just won a prestigious international award for graphic/web design! Many thanks to you for all your help in learning SEO and the Rage suite of products so that we could take our website in house! This award was such a great surprise and a wonderful affirmation of our decision to switch to Apple and Rage products to create and maintain our site. Hope this note finds you doing well. Thanks again for all your help to get our site launched last November as well as your ongoing expertise whenever we have questions. We so appreciate it!
-Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Carlos Rivero had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

Thank you very much!! You guys rock! These videos are amazing, by the way. Much learned in a short few minutes. I appreciate it.
-Carlos Rivero

Mark Downing had this to say about SEIntelligence

Nice work with SEIntelligence, its working amazing! My web sites have much better rankings!
-Mark Downing

Logan McNeil had this to say about SEIntelligence

Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am that I bought SEIntelligence. My site is already ranking higher! Thank you! Great support and great guys!
-Logan McNeil

Joan Allen had this to say about SEIntelligence

After one week of using SEIntelligence, my site already shows up on the first page!
-Joan Allen

Dale M. had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

Thank you so much, you guys are just awesome. I need to put a footer on my website to tell everyone just how good Ragesw is. With sincere thanks for all your ongoing help, you are all worth more money!!!
-Dale M.

Anne had this to say about WebCrusher

As always, thanks for all your help and for the great products your company makes. We really appreciate having a company like yours to help small businesses like ours create new success in this "brave new world" of controlling our own website--and a bit of our own destiny!

Brandon M. Bills had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

To Whom it may Concern;

Thank you so much for developing the SEO tool and the RAGE Software newsletter. Your videos and newsletter emails are a huge help to me as I launch my website.

Thank You!
-Brandon M. Bills

Saul Hernandez had this to say about Sitemap Automator

I just want to say that you guys are awesome: from your products to your support of those products, y'all are doing a great job! I started by downloading the SEO tool for iWeb (amazing) and then purchased: Web Crusher and the Sitemap Automator. I also purchased your tutorial package for SEO and it's all been solid. The SEO tool and Web Crusher have made it so our pages pop like light bulbs and the Sitemap Automator has put us on the map with Google and others so that people can find us, and they have been! Our traffic is screaming and we owe you guys a portion of the credit. Keep up the good work!
-Saul Hernandez

Terry Meanwell had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

My success has been to use Sitemap Automator and the iWeb SEO Tool to register with Google and finally have my website appear in the natural search results on page one with the sixth listing. Since commencing my venture I have become very familiar with the term of "The more I learn the more I learn how little I know"

Fortunately coming across the RAGE website, and the use of its products enabled me to learn more and contribute to my success to date. I know I have more to learn and hope to redesign my website, moving from iWeb to using RAGE Webdesign in the future.

I am impressed with the fact that RAGE used Webdesign for their own website. I am confident that I will go on to learn more with the Rage products, I continue to learn tips from the iWeb SEO videos, obviously too much to absorb from one viewing. Combined with the RAGE support I have received to date, I know I will be assisted in aiming for a page one ranking on Google for other countries to add to my success.
-Terry Meanwell

Vlad Zidek had this to say about WebCrusher

I bought and am using iWeb SEO Tool, Web Crusher & Sitemap Automator on a daily basis. What a time saver ! Before I generate and then edit all the tags, site tracking etc. Today just click-click. Of course 15 minutes time saving is nothing special, but 7/7, 365/365 really count.
-Vlad Zidek

Andrea Facchini had this to say about WebCrusher

My business site was designed with iWeb and while I love the output, it also made updates near impossible due to the amount of re-coding required to add title pages and scripts again by hand. But now, thanks to you guys, this is all automated and I can now update my site as often as I want without having to manually add the code again!. Thank you. I also bought WebCrusher, which is also very good. Go RAGE!
-Andrea Facchini

Paul Parise had this to say about Sitemap Automator

RAGE iWeb SEO Tool and RAGE Sitemap Automator were beneficial tools in setting up our website. As a startup company funds were very tight and we could not afford the expense in hiring an outside service company to design our website. By utilizing iWeb from Apple along with RAGE Software, we have successfully launched and are able to maintain our website.

We have recommended the software to other iWeb users who want to create and maintain their own sites.

Keep up the great work at RAGE Software.
-Paul Parise

Alex Solomotis had this to say about ButtonDesign

I LOVE the ButtonDesign software and use it frequently when designing templates for my CMS software that I offer to my clients, in my hosting/design business. I have even learned how to create buttons, in my spare time, to add to the available package. I am so glad the images are not created in some proprietary format so I can contribute to the initial button base. Keep up the good work.
-Alex Solomotis

Gary Adams had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

Nearly 2 years ago I got involved with a voluntary organization supporting a community outdoor seawater pool in Brixham, Devon, England. One of my tasks was to update an ailing website and move it up the search engine Google. I am no web designer, but I have a Mac and iWeb, so the website began. However search engine optimisation is not iWeb's remit, this is when I discovered RAGE software and iWeb SEO tool. I now use this every time the site is updated to re-apply all the saved tags as iWeb will clear them when you publish. It's so simple and intuitive, and gets good results even for an amateur like me.
-Gary Adams

Rika Looij had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I was looking for a method to get my meta-tags right for my website. So customers can find me quicker using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. A friend gave me the SEO Tool link and in a very easy way i updated my iWeb website with meta-tags, title, content tags etc. After that I also learned to get my URL in the best possible way. I am very happy with the SEO Tool software. Thank you very much for making it possible to keep my website tot the best possible standards!
-Rika Looij

Steven Shmerler had this to say about Sitemap Automator

I purchased RAGE Sitemap Automator and what an amazing program! Not only is it flawless with an easy to use interface, it showed me all the links in my site and importantly all the broken links to fix. Then it created the XML Sitemap and even has an FTP function to upload it to your web server, but wait there's more, RAGE Sitemap Automator contacts the major search engines to advise that your Sitemap is available.

And whenever you update your site and then create a new Sitemap, the program will upload the new sitemap, overwriting the old one and also let the search engines know this has been done.

The RAGE team has thought of everything making it totally easy to keep your site SEO current with a Sitemap that is essential for the top search engine bots.

I can't thank RAGE enough for making what was a laborious task so incredibly easy from Sitemap creation, link fixing, to search engine advising. Great app! A must have.
-Steven Shmerler

Christopher Egginton had this to say about WebCrusher

My name is Christopher Egginton, and I am a Hypnotherapist based in Manchester, England. I begun designing my website on iWeb and loved it. Being a complete ignoramus with web design, I enjoyed the simplistic design tools and freedom that came with iWeb without having to know much about HTML at all. I was happy with my website and started the process of getting it online. At this point the iWeb software was at breaking point, no more could I possibly squeeze out of it. And by the time it had forced my little website into cyberspace, the site was so bloated and slow loading that it was barely useable. After reading a few positive reviews of RAGE products, I took a look and made the plunge. First of all with Webcrusher. Having paid and downloaded the software I was first of all pleasantly surprised at how streamlined the program was. I must say I was expecting a program with a tonne of preferences and options which would take me another decade to investigate online. But I was wrong, Webcrusher was actually incredibly user-friendly (something I do not say very often about most applications). Within no time I was starting to streamline my website, and once re-uploaded, I was shocked at how such a simple procedure, completely changed my site. It worked! I was very happy.

Within a few days I received an email from RAGE. Attached was a link to guide. From this initial email I have now watched pretty much every guide Rage have produced. They are incredibly helpful and easy to understand. This is just fantastic customer service, not ever have I purchased a product only to receive continued support and help. The videos have helped to improve my site beyond any of my expectations, and I look forward to the next one.

Alas, my site was now online and working, but nobody was actually clicking onto it. So without a moment's thought I purchased and downloaded the Sitemap Automator. Once again, incredibly streamlined and user-friendly, just like Webcrusher. I can see this is a theme with RAGE products, and one that I couldn't be happier about, they tie in just so perfectly with Apple applications. After just a few minutes this simple but powerful software had submitted my site to all of the major search engines. Within a very short amount of time my site was searchable and guess what? People are now making their way to my site.

RAGE has genuinely helped me to produce a fully functioning iWeb site. Granted, iWeb is fantastic for design, but awful for the equally important part of uploading a site to the internet. I can now confidently handover the reins from Apple to RAGE at this point from now on, and can be assured of exceptional quality.
-Christopher Egginton

Rachel Yap had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I am new to the world of blogging and website development. I have no prior experience on those things but when I purchased my new Macbook Pro late last year, I got interested in using iWeb. I found it easy at first UNTIL I learned about meta tags and how iWeb is lacking on that important part or aspect of a website. As I researched on a solution, I stumbled upon RAGE's iWeb SEO Tool.

iWeb SEO Tool is easy to use except that I took time putting down all the tags I could think of. But the best surprise for me was how iWeb SEO Tool made publishing iWeb changes via FTP much, much faster. I thought the long hours of publishing via FTP direct from iWeb was normal. Then iWeb SEO Tool showed me what I was missing: publishing a whole website created from iWeb in just a few minutes. I was so relieved! What's more, it shows you the status of the uploading that iWeb fails to do.

I definitely recommend RAGE's iWeb SEO Tool to iWeb users. Makes life easier. And the tags work, too!
-Rachel Yap

Javier Conde had this to say about WebCrusher

I am delighted with WebCrusher. It was used for a website of a painter with many pictures on it. With WebCrusher the site works wonderfully and very fast. I've also used it for a web decoration site which was made in flash + iWeb and has also been very successful. I also love iWeb SEO Tool. Extremely useful.
-Javier Conde

Kevin Baxter had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

As a small non-profit, I don't have an IT team or a communications division. I use the iWeb SEO Tool constantly and it is great! Without the time to write code, I use iWeb to create, update and manage my webpage, but its limitations on metadata and labeling were making it difficult for me to create a professional looking webpage. But, then I found iWeb SEO Tool, which easily adds the data and information I needed without a labor intensive process. It has helped increase page rankings and has made the site look like a professional coded it. Your product is easy to use and I look forward to trying more of your software!
-Kevin Baxter

Angeline Marie Martinez had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

Without RAGE Software, there is no way my website could be found on the internet. Your software makes it EASY to add metatags, etc. I would be lost without it - both on how to do SEO and on the internet.
-Angeline Marie Martinez

Chik Quintans had this to say about Sitemap Automator

I have had some good success with SEO Tool and Sitemap Automator. Both have worked flawlessly so far and I look forward to implementing WebCrusher next week when I make some changes to the site.

Part of our business is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to rank higher in the search engines. SEO Tool has been super handy in creating title tags as well as optimizing images. If we are selling search we need to demonstrate by showing as well. We're still in the very early stages of our business, however we're confident we'll start to rank higher overtime. The SEO tutorials are what really got me going last year into SEO. They've been invaluable. The blog tutorials are also very helpful and appreciated. One can never learn enough about SEO.

I greatly appreciate the response that Jeremy brings to the forums. It's nice to know that someone is listening and cares.

Lastly, Sitemap Automator was a real help and a major time savor. We'll be adding quite a few new pages in the coming months and it's nice to know indexing can be done very efficiently. The indexed pages showed up in the SE's fairly quickly which was very cool.
-Chik Quintans

Joe Gatto had this to say about WebCrusher

When we started my wife's business I had to teach myself to make a website using iWeb. I like the ease of design, but we weren't getting found online. So I learned about SEO and found RAGE. Sitemap Automator, iWeb SEO Tool, and Webcrusher have all made my sites easily accessible. Now we're on page 1 for our search terms! Thanks!
-Joe Gatto

Eric Basir had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

My site was almost impossible to find without typing the website address. iWeb SEO changed it all. Bounce rate changed from 80% to 6% within a month or two of carefully following your directions.
-Eric Basir

Frederick D. Fitch had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

After using your SEO tools, the website that I built for my son took off. The titles at the top of the pages looked professional. His search rankings improved drastically. And most of all, the phone started ringing for him getting more auditions.He is currently playing Young Simba in the Lion King Tour.
-Frederick D. Fitch

Michelle "Mikki" McCartney had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

A few weeks ago i uploaded a new website i created in iWeb for a Texas BBQ restaurant, using the information I learned from your iWeb SEO video tutorial.

I am happy (beyond happy really) with the results the site has achieved in such a short amount of time!

The information I learned from your tutorial series made it possible for my client's site to be within the first 7 pages of both Google and Bing - even before he opened his restaurant to the public.

I tried a few different key phrases, and, even with a very broad search inquiry, his site came-up at the top of page 8 in google, and by adding the word "texas" to my search, it changed to the very top of page 2, out of about 9.7 million search results. amazing! awesome!

I've been taking classes on seo for about 6 months now, and have never quite understood it completely nor did i achieve anything other than a migraine.

Your iWeb SEO video tutorial series made a complex and vital part of web design easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement, and made it work for a real website (not just a tutorial) - and the results were immediate - something that i was not expecting at all.

I am very excited to use what I've learned on my other websites that I've just started on. Now I know what certain tags are for and the reasons to use them, and now I see that SEO is not just a marketing buzzword. It's real, and it's powerful.

I'm now confident I can take designs that I cannot do in iWeb into Dreamweaver and achieve better search rankings with what I learned from you.

Last, but not least, I love your Sitemap Automator program too. Easier to use than generating a free (and very poor) XML Sitemap online. I decided to purchase it after watching the intro video for it. I didn't realize the importance of xml Sitemaps until I watched your video. That's when I purchased it - now I don't have to worry about why the search engines are not indexing my sites! Not anymore! Another awesome product that I cannot do without.

Thank you again for making programs that actually do what they claim to do, and do it well. Keep up with the awesome work - I look forward to seeing what else RAGE releases - I'll probably get it!
-Michelle "Mikki" McCartney

Alla Ollen-Bittle had this to say about Domainer

At CMS Web Solutions we have been using RAGE Domainer since 2009 and it has been an effective tool in organizing and tracking over 500 domains and associated credentials that we register on behalf of our clients. We are anxiously waiting for the next update to allow for multi-user access so that all users in our organization can easily access this information.

Whenever there has been an issue, our logged tickets have returned an efficient, professional and timely response.
-Alla Ollen-Bittle

Jean-Paul Goyet had this to say about Sitemap Automator

We began using your software three years ago on our travel company's website.

Not being proficient in HTML and after several failed attempts to create a Sitemap for our iWeb website acceptable to Google Webmaster Tools we chose your 'RAGE Sitemap Automator' to not only create a hassle free proper XML Sitemap use-able by Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing, but also one that notified the search engines which pages to index, how important each page was and when or how often to come back for our refreshed pages. Within days of resubmitting our new site map created by your 'RAGE Sitemap Automator' we were happy to find our site had finally been accepted and crawled by all the search engines. Additionally, RAGE Sitemap Automator allows us to update our Sitemap directly on our server after making changes or updates to our website online.

Likewise, after several months of poor rankings on search engines we tried your 'iWeb SEO Tool' to add Google Analytics and a Statcounter to our iWeb website along with what we found were the necessary Meta tags, Meta Description as well as the alternative image text. While it took quite a while to add these items to each page (we added quite a few), it was not necessary to create them again when we updated the pages in iWeb because your software allowed us to reapply them. Again after making these alterations to our website we began to see a dramatic rise in our pages listing order.

We, now are relatively high on search engines for our travel site and able to keep the high rankings because of your great intuitive software.
-Jean-Paul Goyet

Chaplain Stan Hirschman had this to say about Sitemap Automator

Sitemap Automator rocks!! For just over a year I’ve been a user of iWeb SEO Tool and have been getting pretty steady results; clients were finding me, but not in droves, and Google AdWords seemed to be the biggest referral driver. Almost by accident I heard about Sitemap Automator. I watched the “Learn More” video and figured it was worth the gamble to see if it would increase traffic and calls.

Installation was seamless, the video tutorial was a snap and I figured that maybe I’d get a little more recognition on Yahoo and Bing where I hadn’t spent any marketing dollars. Four days later call volume was noticeably higher and in 10 days, my call volume had doubled and the bookings started filling up. I still can’t believe that results could come that fast and with such an easy-to-use product.
-Chaplain Stan Hirschman

Stephen Williamson had this to say about WebDesign

I am a programmer and wrote Life Manager Pro, life organising software. I needed to create the Life Manager Pro website and looked at various Mac software to help me do this. I have a fairly good knowledge of HTML so needed a program that would let me edit directly in HTML. Most 'what you see is what you get' programs such as Flux, Sandvox and RapidWeaver either produced bloated code or would not give me easy access to the underlying HTML code.

Dreamweaver promised to be a solution but its cost made it out of my budget.

I decided that what I needed was a program where I could write HTML code in one window and preview the web page in another. There were a few of these that I tried, and I narrowed my choice down to 3 candidates, Espresso, Coda and Rage Software's Web Design. All of these were good.

I finally chose Web Design. There were several features in WebDesign that made it the clear winner.

* Beautify HTML - I write fast and furious without any thought to laying things out, indenting lines and so on. When I select Beautify HTML, magically my code is laid out in an easy to read and color coded format.

* Tools - Whenever I want to insert a common element such as a hyperlink, an image, a table and so on, one simple click on the tool bar inserts the correct code.

* Preview - Using a large screen iMac means that I can set up my code window on the left hand side and the preview window on the right. Perfect for instantly seeing how code changes look in a browser. In the latest update to Web Design I can select a preview section and the lines of code that created that section are instantly highlighted.This is a great time saver. Previously if I spotted a mistake in the preview view I had to search through the code to find the bit that needed correction.

* Syntax Checking - Did I mention that I write code fast? Yes fast, but not very accurate. Syntax checking is a life saver for me. When I have finished a web page, I select Document Syntax Checking and a list of all my code errors appears like magic. All the tags that I have forgotten to close, or empty tags are found.

* Styled Text - Sales copy is of paramount importance to me. I spend ages on creating sales copy on my text editor and then spend a lot of time fine tuning it. I no longer have to convert this copy to HTML code for the web site. I paste it into the Web Design styled text editor and it then gets inserted into the web page. Another great time saver.

* Link checking - Before the site goes live I use WebDesign link checking to make sure all my site file links are valid. No one likes to click on broken links.

The above are just some of the reasons why I chose to go with Web Design.

I could be a pure coder and write the web site in a text editor and that would work. But, as they say, time is money, and the text editor way is just too long winded and time consuming for me. All in all Web Design has got the balance right. Web Design allows me to write HTML but provides so many short cuts and tools that make the process much easier and quicker.
-Stephen Williamson

Bernadette had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

When I got RAGE’s iWeb SEO Tool I was a complete novice. Although I had built websites for our micro brewery, our natural Pet Food business and a friends small restaurant here in rural France using iWeb I had no idea how to improve the standing on search engines and how to help people to find us. Not only did the RAGE tool improve things dramatically, the tutorials made it all make sense. I now intend to move the hosting of the sites to RAGE from MobileMe as before I used RAGE software my sites simply did not appear on google searches. After applying the tool to our main site it began appearing 4 or 5 times on the first page of a google search. I now hope to do the same for our friends site. RAGE made it easy!

Hubertus de Klerk had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

It all began when I was growing more and more dissatisfied and frustrated with web designers/masters over the years, not living up to the expectations of having the websites of my three small businesses looking good, running smoothly and without errors. Apple introduced iWeb to me when I purchased a faster Mac Pro laptop and start building my own web sites, completely to my satisfaction, ...kind of. But then came the question: "How do I get my customers, clients and guests to look at those sites and how do I get it up high in the ranks of search engines?" For I was completely new to this line of work I started browsing the internet and stumbled upon RAGE software. After the download I started the learning curve, ascending, but not too steep. iWeb SEO tool was, for instance, the marvel I was looking for. As iWeb wrote the HTML code for me, RAGE iWeb SEO Tool gave me the handles for an easy conversion from filling out META tags all the way to uploading to the FTP server. Thanks to RAGE one of my sites climbed up to the top of the ranks and my business flourished. Kudos to you guys for making it possible for a small business owner to compete in a market without spending thousands of dollars towards web design and SEO. Money I can now use for maintenance and marketing and make my businesses survive in these shaky economic times.
-Hubertus de Klerk

Eric Smith had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

Your SEO software may have saved my business. I'm an iWeb user because I want to own the keys to my own website. Pure and simple. Three months ago we moved our business to another state. Needless to say my web presence was exactly zero and I had a real big problem. I was being hounded daily by SEO hucksters promising me the moon and the stars for $500 and I have to tell you it was very tempting in my panicked state. I told these people that I used iWeb and they either didn't know what it was or didn't care that made me pretty leery of these hard sell guys selling SEO fairy dust. So after searching the web I found RAGE software. Finally I found somebody who specialized in iWeb and it's inherent SEO shortcomings. I downloaded the software and started watching the tutorials within an hour I decided to buy the training videos. I just have to tell you guys what a brilliant job you've done here. The videos are short and to the point and I love the bullet point review at the end. You have taken a complex job and broken it down into small easily understood tasks. Plus there's all the online support and of course the forums. It's been a couple months and my online presence is awesome.
-Eric Smith

Rick Tracy had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I have been building some pretty sophisticated sites in iWeb and most people probably can't tell they've been built in iWeb. It is a great website software tool for designers that can't code (and don't want to), but need to be ranked high in Google searches. When I found iWeb SEO Tool I was thrilled. Using this tool has catapulted my company website to the top five in the natural search rankings for my market in Google!

Getting ranked high in Google is not rocket science, but it is does take some work and a consistent approach. I thought I was going to have to rebuild my site in another platform before I found iWeb SEO Tool. You saved me a lot of work and helped raise my company website traffic in a very competitive graphic design market.

The success of our improved ranking has encouraged me to start writing a monthly newsletter. The newsletter is also helping to increase traffic and I don't think I would have started publishing the newsletter if it I didn't see positive results in our ranking. iWeb SEO Tool got us moving in the right direction, which in turn spurred me on to writing more content.
-Rick Tracy

Stan Cook had this to say about WebDesign

I have been using RAGE WebDesign since 2007 when I made the big switch from a PC to a Mac. I found that WebDesign was the only program out there that allowed someone with HTML knowledge to do great website work. I not only use WebDesign for designing "raw" HTML websites but when using other sites like Sandvox. Sandvox for Macs allows for editing or inserting HTML. All of my inserted HTML for Sandvox is first designed and tested in RAGE's WebDesign. WebDesign really helps me keep my Websites By Cook business humming.
-Stan Cook

Andrew Bryant had this to say about Sitemap Automator

As a very small business we do not have a large IT budget. Your software made much of what was necessary to achieve on our new website simple and far less time consuming than would otherwise have been the case. It was money very well spent and I would recommend it to any business in a similar position to ours where every dollar must count.
-Andrew Bryant

Peter J. Francis had this to say about Sitemap Automator

RAGE Software has helped me to attain better Google ranking because Google values sites that have Sitemaps. In addition, RAGE has helped me to find invalid links within my site, so my visitors have a better experience and Google doesn't find broken or missing links when its robots visit my website.
-Peter J. Francis

Robert Mendel had this to say about Sitemap Automator

RAGE Software’s Sitemap Automator helps me make sure I have proper crawling of my web sites and those I build for clients. Although I use correct linking to allow search engines to reach all pages, Sitemaps insures that it's done. As a result, my sites are well identified and placed on the first page of the search listings when the appropriate keywords are used.
-Robert Mendel

Francisco Benitez had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

RAGE software works! Already after a few days using it I could find my website at the top results of Google's search. I created my own site with iWeb but RAGE software gave me the missing tools. We have more clients calling every day. The video course has paid off many times. Thank you! Olé!
-Francisco Benitez

Brandon Hunter had this to say about MapDesign

I have had GREAT success with MapDesign. Not only have I used it to spice up a district website used to teach teachers how to use technology in the classroom, but I've also used it to enhance a web portal used only by new incoming Principals. Everyone loves the wonderful graphic interactive additions! Thank you RAGE!
-Brandon Hunter

J. Scott had this to say about Sitemap Automator

We are an advertising agency and handle a large number of clients' web sites. It's a given that all good SEO depends on the proper and frequent indexing of a site by the search engines. It's been a huge help to us to use RAGE's Sitemap Automator to re-upload Sitemaps on a timely basis for our clients. Thanks, RAGE.
-J. Scott

Jeff King had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I moved my iWeb photo site to RAGE Web Hosting and downloaded RAGE's iWeb SEO Tool software. Its SEO tool had an immediate impact. Within days my iWeb site climbed to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo under the search. My photos also moved up rapidly in Google, Bing and Yahoo images. Wish I had found RAGE earlier and taken advantage of its SEO tool. I also purchased the SEO instructional video, which was a big help starting out. RAGE's customer support was outstanding, answering all my questions via email the first week.
-Jeff King

Jeff Natrop had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I created our site in iWeb. It was free (came with the Mac software), seemed like a good place to start as I had no website design or coding background. I think I came across the RAGE iWeb SEO Tool on the Apple iWeb forum. It is fantastic software for use with iWeb created websites.
With your help, we come up on the first page if you google (for many keywords).
Prior to using iWeb SEO Tool, we were about 7 pages back. But again, thanks to RAGE software, you taught us to do it right and it has paid off.
-Jeff Natrop

Keith Buffo had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

RAGE Software’s iWeb SEO Tool has made it easy for me to put my clients’ websites at the top of organic search rankings. It fills a gaping hole in iWeb, making it possible to use it for small commercial projects. Frankly, I have no idea how I’d do it if it wasn’t for this powerful, simple-to-use tool.
-Keith Buffo

Adam C Brown had this to say about Sitemap Automator

We tried multiple free online Sitemap generators, all of which were unreliable or would actually only index a certain number of pages. We then paid for a Joomla! plugin which should have theoretically run beautifully simple, it was supposed to be able to run from a Cron job and automatically update the search engines. Well BatteryPower.co has 20,000 products and this plugin Sitemap generator failed. Every time!
With this frustration in mind, we went hunting: we read review after review, spoke to numerous other web developers, and concluded that RAGE's Sitemap Automator was the way to go. We downloaded it, ran it over night and came back the following morning to see all 20,000 pages fully indexed! I uploaded this to google and can now happily state that Google has all of our pages indexed - thanks to RAGE we've gone from 250 indexed pages to 20,000!
-Adam C Brown

Marc Rosenberg had this to say about Sitemap Automator

We have benefited from RAGE Software because it quickly indexes our entire Wordpress Site and allows us to post the .xml file to our web server all in about 1 minute, saving us LOADS of time and dramatically helping to improve our SEO. RAGE Software's Sitemap Automator is fully Webmaster Tools compliant and our web presence has improved by using Sitemap Automator on our site and sites we've developed.
-Marc Rosenberg

Dr. David B. Sundy had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

RAGE iWeb SEO Tool and RAGE SEKeyword helped me to get Google #1 page rankings in just a couple hours! In fact if you search for my chosen keywords I beat out all of my competition, blanketing the first page of Google. With this type of exposure new patients are swayed to trust my service over others. I don't have much technical knowledge which is why I used iWeb to create my website. I later learned that potential customers would have to type my URL or company name exactly into search engines exactly correct in order to find my business website, and I was really disappointed, because I spent so much time creating an attractive website. When I read blogs about RAGE Software's products and what other users were saying, I knew I had to try it. The instructional videos were short and to the point, which is perfect for my busy life. I watched a video or two in between patients, then I applied the principles, and I got immediate results. Now my business is a busy as I want it to be, and I owe a large part of that to my on-line presence which would not be possible without RAGE Software products. Thanks RAGE!!!
-Dr. David B. Sundy

David Gavin had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

Words can barely describe what a lifesaver RAGE Software was! I am a voiceover talent who decided to get more serious and build my website. It's important to say here that I was extremely "green" when I began. I'm not talking about the "Earth Friendly Green." This was the "No Idea What I'm Doing, Green!" When I found out that the server I chose didn't have what I needed to install my MP3 voice demos, I decided to go back to my iMac and build my website using iWeb. I didn't realize what a mistake I made until I was completely finished. iWeb doesn't give you access to the HTML for your site, so there's no way to edit, optimize, and so on, as time goes on. Thinking I was stuck with a website that I'd have to just throw away someday soon, I decided to look around a bit more. That's when I found the free RAGE iWeb SEO Tool... Awesome! It completely opened up the ability to edit every aspect of my site!
It was so good, in fact, that I've been back twice to buy more software. And I'll be back again. Hands down, one of the most helpful, user friendly companies on the internet! Thanks A Million Folks.
-David Gavin

Ed Bejarana had this to say about SERank

When I started my business I wanted to stay with my MAC 100%, but struggled to find quality SEO tracking software. When I found RAGE Software I thought it was too good to be true. Now having used the software for over two years I can say with absolute certainty that RAGE Software's SEO tools has helped grow my business from a dream to a profitable reality! Being able to quickly show how websites are performing has won me more than two hundred web projects. The end of month SEO report I generate provides that level of comfort some customers need to know that their website is working correctly. Without RAGE Software I doubt I'd still be in business. Thank you for an excellent product!
-Ed Bejarana

Norman Scott had this to say about WebCrusher

I am a professional photographer. I am a Mac user. From the start of my computer days I chose Macs. It came time to design my own website, naturally I used iWeb. RAGE Software allowed me to optimize my website. Using WebCrusher made my site load faster. Sitemap Automator allowed me to create Sitemaps quickly and efficiently. SEkeyword helped to create the proper keywords needed for placement. RAGE responds to my questions quickly. Your stuff works for me.
-Norman Scott

Macupdate.com Review had this to say about WebDesign

I bought WebDesign initially on a daily deal, intending it to be an HTML editor rather than to build a website.. I found it's much, much more than that because not only can you do both, but do it very intuitively. The interface, wizard availability, and "help" it gives you (if needed) equal a terrific package. It's great for modifying an existing website, and will easily work with templates. I've kept my versions updated, and the company has been great whenever needed. I've also bought a couple of their other apps. The new version I just saw today adds something I wanted where it locates the code for your selected element. Very nice. When bringing up this page [Macupdate.com] to download the update, I noticed the sporadic reviews and felt compelled to add mine. It seems to me that WebDesign is just a hidden gem that perhaps has gotten overlooked when searching for a web software.
-Macupdate.com Review

Justin Moulton had this to say about WebCrusher

I want to let you guys know that I am particularly happy with all the SEO programs from Rage! My website is fast becoming a competitor among the keywords I have chosen
-Justin Moulton

Jeremy Stern had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

Thank you for the heads up!!!! Your video is worth more than what you charge. And you can quote me on that. It is professionally displayed, short and to the point, and well thought out. Additionally, the vocal tone and intonation is pleasent enough. Good stuff you all!!!! Thanks again
-Jeremy Stern

Neil Ward had this to say about Sitemap Automator

My iWeb based site didn't appear within the first 60 pages of a Google search with my most relevant keyword. I have since watched your 'iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial' and purchase your 'Sitemap Automator'. Within three weeks of starting SEO optimisation based on the advice within the video, my site is already on page 1, I still haven't completed all the recommended steps! Your range of tools, training videos and support are absolutely excellent, well done and keep up the great job.
-Neil Ward

Neil Ward had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

My iWeb based site didn't appear within the first 60 pages of a Google search with my most relevant keyword. I have since watched your 'iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial' and purchase your 'Sitemap Automator'. Within three weeks of starting SEO optimisation based on the advice within the video, my site is already on page 1, I still haven't completed all the recommended steps! Your range of tools, training videos and support are absolutely excellent, well done and keep up the great job.
-Neil Ward

Sunja Fharav had this to say about MailShoot

I just set {MailShoot} up on my website and I got a couple subscribers in a few days. It was very easy to set up, even for me. I like how it was able to remove repeated emails, because I had a few people sign up a couple times. I was looking to start a mailing list but never did because I didn't have the right skills to add one to my site. MailShoot has been great, Thanks!
-Sunja Fharav

download.com had this to say about MailShoot

MailShoot is a great app if you have an iWeb site and want to start a mailing list. It is easy to set up and doesn't require technical skills which was great for me. I now have a form on my site that people can enter their email address into.

Charlotte Higgins had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

As a quick bit of feedback - I've found your SEO tutorial enormously helpful. Thanks!
-Charlotte Higgins

Mike Dubowick had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

I'm amazed at how well the software and tutorial have helped me get exposure to my site. The customer service is fantastic as well!!
-Mike Dubowick

Andrew Kubary had this to say about SEO For RapidWeaver Walkthrough Video Tutorial

Just wanted to say that you did a great job with the SEO tutorial. It's only been a week and my site is already getting traffic from Google!
-Andrew Kubary

Patricia Palmer had this to say about SEO For RapidWeaver Walkthrough Video Tutorial

This tutorial is just what I was looking for. Very helpful! Thank you.
-Patricia Palmer

WebHostingSearch.com had this to say about WebDesign

Webdesign, is another tool offered by Rage and has been trusted by Mac users for over 10 years. WebDesign can help you edit an existing website or start a completely new site from scratch, perfectly!

When we asked our customers for their views about the best tools available for building a website they recommended RAGE Software's products as useful tools providing every thing needed to create a unique, professional website.

We have therefore awarded Ragesw.com the Best Web Tool Award!

Roddy Mckay had this to say about Sitemap Automator

I've always considered Sitemap Automator a "must have" application.

It has paid for itself over and over again as a quick and convenient way to create, update and submit sitemaps. This should be done every time updates to a website are published and I know there are occasions when I would have skipped this step if it wasn't for the automator.

The ability to trace broken links has been on my wish list for some time. I've had a couple of messed up links on a large site that have been bugging me for months. With this latest update I tracked them down in a matter of minutes. mu starmu starmu starmu starmu star
-Roddy Mckay

Macupdate.com Review had this to say about MapDesign

This app works very well to designate multiple or single hot spots to an image. I saw it first on sale the other day so I experimented using it versus Image Ready to see if it was worthy of my purchase, and it was. Much quicker and straighforward, and that is worth it to me. Stable too.
-Macupdate.com Review

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about MapDesign

Simple, quick and does wat its says without getting in the way :) now i dont have to launch imageready or dreamweaver everytime i want to create a quick imagemap... worth it just for that! Was worried about it working with rapidweaver or bbedit but seems you can very easily just open the generated html files and edit them manually.
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I've used this since version 1.2.1, and it is simply wonderful. My web pages are coming up much much higher in google searches now, and I spend more time working my job, and less time worrying about advertising it on the web. Thanks much to the writers of this software. I suspect that Apple will have to add all these features to future versions of iWeb, because this free iWeb SEO software makes it sooo much more functional! While it lasts, this is a terrific product that hit the right needs at the right time. I will go check out the other things you folks do!

Did I mention it is free? Oh yes. It is perfect enough now, thanks for the work! I will indeed check out your other products, your free iWeb SEO is simple, yet brilliantly executed.

This freeware is unreservedly recommended after my regular use!
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I'm of the belief that most people using iWeb do not know, or care to know, what meta tags, alt image text, or proper page titles and descriptions can do for their page rankings in search engines.

If someone were to tell them that it matters, and it does, I'm of the belief that they would be completely clueless as to how to do anything about it. That's why they're using iWeb.

Enter Rage iWeb SEO. It makes the addition of keywords, descriptions, page titles and alt image text as easy - or easier - than building and posting a page with iWeb. It also allows you to designate language choices and to direct spiders as to whether a page should be indexed and whether pages should be followed.

All things that Apple might have thought to include in iWeb for the benefit of their customers.

Certainly I will recommend it to anyone I know who is using iWeb. Why wouldn't you?
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Mac|Life Magazine had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

I created a beautiful website for my business with iWeb. Now, how do I move my site up in Google's search results? ... RAGE Software's free iWeb SEO Tool lets you add image tags, meta tags, and title tags to your iWeb site, so search engines can find your site and move it up in the rankings.
-Mac|Life Magazine

Joni Wynne http://www.joniwynne.com had this to say about Search Engine Optimization Guide

I just wanted to write to you guys and say thank you for everything you taught me in this course. I have learned so much and have put many of the tips to good use. Best of all, I am seeing some great results. This product is simply fantastic.
-Joni Wynne http://www.joniwynne.com

Anthony Waley had this to say about iWeb SEO Tool

This is exactly what I needed for adding Google Analytics to my site!
-Anthony Waley

Oliver Barrenger had this to say about SERank

I love the interface and the ease of use of this software. Great job on this one.
-Oliver Barrenger

Chris Robbs had this to say about SERank

I owe you guys a huge thank you. I use SERank for all of my client's websites and they are so impressed when I send them the reports. It makes my job a lot easier and the added value to my clients is great. Many thanks!
-Chris Robbs

Jerry Woods had this to say about SERank

I really liked the product when you guys demonstrated it for me at MacWorld, and I love it even more when I use it on my own. I always tell my friends about it when we talk about our websites.
-Jerry Woods

Lora Campbell had this to say about SERank

This is exactly what I was looking for... I no longer have to manually search for my site Google, which used to take me forever... This is a real lifesaver, thanks.
-Lora Campbell

Virginia Parker had this to say about Search Engine Optimization Guide

I'm a newbie and I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but this tutorial has proved me wrong and I am extremely pleased with the results. I can't wait to see what happens when I do further optimizations. A big thanks to the team who put this course together. You guys did a fantastic job.
-Virginia Parker

Cameron Shah had this to say about Search Engine Optimization Guide

I just wanted to e-mail you guys to tell you that my website has been shooting up in search engines! Thank you for this amazing course!!!
-Cameron Shah

Stephen Young had this to say about Search Engine Optimization Guide

My website barely got any visitors for around 2 years. I finally decided to invest some time into learning how to change this. I am blown away with what I learned and the improvements my site has made in such a short time. Every small business with a website needs to use this course!
-Stephen Young

John Nichols had this to say about Search Engine Optimization Guide

Excellent information! This has really helped me out more than I expected. Many thanks to you guys.
-John Nichols

Sara Heldt had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

I made my site in iweb many many months ago and have had no visitors. After watching this tutorial, I applied only some of the tips so far, and I've already seen an improvement in my rankings. highly recommended!
-Sara Heldt

Wayne Rodriguez had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

So much useful information for my site! Thank you!
-Wayne Rodriguez

Dave Chad via Twitter had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

Just watched your SEO Tutorial, it had good tips! A recommended purchase for any small business planning to use iWeb!
-Dave Chad via Twitter

Tim Bowden http://allaboutiweb.com had this to say about iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial

There is even a fantastic clip showing how to add header tags to your sites really easily. I learnt things watching these videos and would highly recommend them to any iWeb user wanting to get their iWeb site higher up in the search engine rankings.
-Tim Bowden http://allaboutiweb.com

Tanya Bons had this to say about WebDesign

For over ten years I have used CoffeeCup software for web design. I learned the basic HTML and just kept playing with it till it looked good on the web. I am a VP for a truck driving school so I don't have a lot of time to play with the website - I just want it to look good fast.

Anyway - I just recently bought a MacBook Pro - no more PC for me. I found out I can not use CoffeeCup so I went in search of a replacement. Everyone suggested Dreamweaver so I tried it. It got the job done but wasn't impressive. When I found out that it costs $200 plus I was certain it wasn't worth the price. I searched the internet and I found your WebDesign Software. I downloaded the trial and fell in love quickly. It was everything I was looking for. When my time expired and I had to pay for it, I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised - under thirty dollars! Now instead of feeling like I was being taken I felt like I got a great deal.

Thank you for your software!
-Tanya Bons

Roddy Mckay had this to say about WebCrusher

This is the first optimizer that I have tried that matches the drag and drop simplicity of iWeb. It also appears to preserve the functions such as hit counter, etc by allowing you to drag your published files off your iDisk and onto the application for optimizing and re-upload. WebCrusher has earned a place on my "must have" applications for iWeb users.
-Roddy Mckay

Daniel Greg had this to say about Domainer

If your like me, you can end up with a lot of information on a lot of sites which can be hard to manage. Domainer from Rage Software helps you manage the data on all your domains. This new app, aimed at webmasters, provides a great way to see information about all of your domains quickly and easily.
-Daniel Greg

Cyril Roger had this to say about Domainer

RAGE Domainer can be a useful tool to manage your domain names and monitor ones you wish to buy. The application, presented in a clear and attractive interface, allows you to quickly view all essential informations on domain names such as creation date, expiration date and hosting details.
-Cyril Roger

Ron McElfresh had this to say about Domainer

RAGE Software's Domainer makes the whole domain name and web site mess much easier to manage. In fact, it's a pleasure to track all the information you need for a bunch of domain names and web sites. In typical Mac utility fashion, Domainer makes the complex simple to manage. Domain names can be entered into Domainer and tracked via creation date and expiration date.
-Ron McElfresh

MacUpdate.com Reviewer had this to say about Domainer

This is an awesome product. I have been looking for a program that would be simple to use, yet keep all my web info organized. Kudos to the development team on this one!!
-MacUpdate.com Reviewer

James Dempsey had this to say about Domainer

Overall, as someone who maintains my own Web site, I really love Domainer. It sports a beautiful Mac OS X interface; its features are simple to use; and what it does, it does superbly (4 stars). [Full Review]
-James Dempsey

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about Sitemap Automator

My site has been up a year and Google had only indexed 130 pages. Within 12 hours Google had indexed all 360 pages, fantastic. Now I just have to wait and see how much extra traffic it generates ... On one of my sites Google can only see the front page, the dynamic pages end in '.f'. When I run this program with the '.f' extension added it sees and maps 1600 pages.
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about Sitemap Automator

I've used this product a lot & it just simply works. It maps all of your pages (I mean ALL of them) & ALL of the links contained throughout your website. You can even set filters to include more or less content (URLs & links). The support & documentation is equally as great. The docs even include a bunch of tips for optimizing your search engine results! I highly recommend this product, as it's only getting better (I beta test for Rage). So, stay tuned & informed where this software goes!
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Download.com Reviewer had this to say about WebDesign

WebDesign is awesome! I have tested nearly every web development tool on both Mac and PC platforms, and WebDesign is my favorite! The work environment is text-based, but extensive HTML and JavaScript tools, syntax coloring, and live previews make life easy. You'll be hard pressed to find another web page editor of this quality. I give two thumbs up!
-Download.com Reviewer

Benjamin Redmond had this to say about WebDesign

Hello, let me start off by saying your program is a dream come true!
-Benjamin Redmond

Susan Woitovich had this to say about WebDesign

I have to tell you that I am really enjoying using Web Design software. It's heavenly to have code in color, and be able to put a tint behind all the code to save my poor eyes, and I truly appreciate the spell checker, the find and replace (which actually works on code, too!), and the syntax checker. I probably don't even use half the features so far, just being a creature of habit and always typing html from scratch, but what I do use is a god send. Thank you for helping me get it up and running.
-Susan Woitovich

Susan Woitovich had this to say about WebDesign

I have to tell you that I am really enjoying using Web Design software. It's heavenly to have code in color, and be able to put a tint behind all the code to save my poor eyes, and I truly appreciate the spell checker, the find and replace (which actually works on code, too!), and the syntax checker. I probably don't even use half the features so far, just being a creature of habit and always typing html from scratch, but what I do use is a god send. Thank you for helping me get it up and running.
-Susan Woitovich

MacUser Magazine had this to say about WebDesign

With the increasing popularity of design-driven HTML packages such as Dreamweaver, it's easy to forget that the cleanest way to build Web pages is still to hand code...Even hardcore BBedit evangelists should install it and explorer its features which include syntax colouring, attribute editor, site management, line numbers and a built-in FTP client.
-MacUser Magazine

MacUser Magazine had this to say about WebDesign

With the increasing popularity of design-driven HTML packages such as Dreamweaver, it's easy to forget that the cleanest way to build Web pages is still to hand code...Even hardcore BBedit evangelists should install it and explorer its features which include syntax colouring, attribute editor, site management, line numbers and a built-in FTP client,
-MacUser Magazine

Daniel Meyers had this to say about RAGE Smart Folders

Looks good, searching is quick and does not slow down the system or the use of the software. Overall a good initial reaction
-Daniel Meyers

Sean Charles had this to say about WebDesign

This has to be the best 'budget priced' (don't take that as offence, it's a compliment considering how good it is!) web-design package I've found yet...I've tried lots but none even came close to making me want to pay for it.
-Sean Charles

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about WebDesign

I'm very impressed tooling around with this app. A lot of things have come a long way since I last checked in: Multi-file search/replace seems quite good now, just slightly behind bbedit. There are a number of areas that I feel WebDesign beats BBEdit: visual table editor, excellent tag attributes table, better CSS support, a Site Manager...
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Versiontracker.com Reviewer had this to say about WebDesign

I don't know how I missed this one but I really love. Gives me all the features I need in a simple straightforward interface. Much easier to use than BBedit, which I also own.
-Versiontracker.com Reviewer

Margaret Brock had this to say about WebDesign

I love WebDesign. I've been trying a number of editors and ended up having several open at the same time. One had the fold feature but didn't do images, another wouldn't indent but could do xhtml, etc. Guess how slow my system was with all those apps running. WebDesign does all that and more. Good job!
-Margaret Brock

Kurt Shover had this to say about WebDesign

You guys are awesome. I have been searching for web design software for a year. This is incredible software for the novice or experienced web designer. Thanks so much for the WebDesign software and the affordable price!
-Kurt Shover

Jack Dolby - President - Club Mac of Hampton had this to say about WebDesign

There is a lot more to WebDesign. I will say I found it a very easy environment to use, I appreciate the drag and drop support and especially enjoy the great customer support. Of the three packages I looked at (WebDesign, PageSpinner, and BBedit, as far as HTML editing (BBedit does other things), this is my favorite and I expect to see great changes as the newer versions come out.
-Jack Dolby - President - Club Mac of Hampton

Eric Conrad had this to say about WebDesign

Love your web design products, keep up the good work! I'm going to buy WebDesign soon!
-Eric Conrad

Deb Brunson had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I upgraded from OS9 to Jaguar, and lost some REALLY IMPORTANT FILES. Because of your program, I was able to save them (YEARS OF WORK) and I am very grateful. YES, I would buy a Rage product in the future, and will tell all of my friends!!!
-Deb Brunson

Becky Noel had this to say about WebDesign

WebDesign is terrific! I am going to buy it. I almost upgraded to BBedit 7 but I like yours the best. Pretty nifty features.
-Becky Noel

Download.com Reviewer had this to say about WebDesign

Good text editor for html pages!! This program worked well for me. I really liked the feature that lets you download the html straight from the web page.
-Download.com Reviewer

Download.com Reviewer had this to say about WebDesign

I like its design ... it makes it easy to learn HTML...cleanly, without drag and drop mess that some editors can make.. It's pretty close to being a word processor. I am completely impressed by the number of features. One thing I miss however, is not being able to see the page being built as I make edits directly into the HTML....like Dreamweaver does.... then again, it's much, much less expensive than Dreamweaver with some incredibly impressive features. I'm buying it.
-Download.com Reviewer

Download.com Reviewer had this to say about WebDesign

I jumped platforms a little while back from Windows to Mac... I had a copy of ColdFusion through my company that I had been using for my HTML purposes, and realised - after switching to Mac - that I didn't have Cold Fusion anymore! I searched the web, found a few different webdev programs, and none matched the ease of use of WebDesign. This program rocks! It's got a couple little things I'd like to see changed, but hey - it's an early version. I can't think of a better start, or a better program for WebDev on Macintosh. With BBEdit's full version costing upwards of $115, WebDesign's $30 price tag is SWEET indeed. I bought it after three uses.
-Download.com Reviewer

Jay had this to say about WebDesign

it's a great editor, finally something I can work with. This has the best editing features of any mac prodcut for HTML editing I've ever seen.

Garth - WebDesign User had this to say about WebDesign

I have become dependant on this program. Unlike BBEdit, this application was made specificaly for website purposes, allowing it to have the features that webmasters need most.
-Garth - WebDesign User

John Cappel had this to say about RAGE Media Plug-in Pack

A very useful utility that is extremely handy... A very nice interface and simple to use.
-John Cappel

Sara Sherner had this to say about RAGE Media Plug-in Pack

A very nice simple utility. I can't remember what I did without this. Thanks for making it available.
-Sara Sherner

Marc Stiner had this to say about RAGE Media Plug-in Pack

After trying CSM Maker for the first time I don't know how I lived without it. It is so great to have access to all my applications without taking up any desktop space. Thanks for making it available!.
-Marc Stiner

download.com had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

I've been hoping for years that someone would develop a Mac equivalent of Windows Explorer, and you read my mind! The screen shots look awesome!

Becky Noel had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

I am downloading Mac Explorer now. I wonder why it took so long for someone to think of this??
-Becky Noel

Joe Forsten had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

This wonderful utility takes the place of dozens of other software programs which have cost me hundreds of dollars over the years. Thanks for making such a great product available and for the very affordable price.
-Joe Forsten

Sam Kastin had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

Macintosh Explorer is such a great tool. I use it everyday to keep my hard drive organized and for previewing the thousands of images in my picture collection
-Sam Kastin

Michael Roberts had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

Since I switched to the Mac a few years ago I have never come across a program like Macintosh Explorer. Having so many file management tools in just one application has made my life so much easier. I didn't even hesitate to purchase it.
-Michael Roberts

torontoreviews.com had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

Macintosh Explorer is a powerful utility that enables among many other things, fast and efficient file browsing and file manipulation. It provides a hierarchical overview of all connected hard drives, folders and files. It makes Finder navigation extremely convenient by allowing the user to view invisible files, preview, backup and delete unused files.

Chezmark.com had this to say about WebDesign

Kick-butt web tool. HTML editor excels at letting you visually construct a page, not in the WYSIWYG sense but rather through drag-and-drop. Use menus, palettes, and hot keys to insert HTML elements into a web-page and customize the content. Generate links, image maps, form elements and more, or create your own elements through plug-ins. Preview your web site in any browser, translate it into multiple languages, than upload it to your FTP server right from within the program. An excellent tool for web-heads who like to tinker directly with HTML.

Dr. David Franke had this to say about WebDesign

As a college teacher, I have students clamoring to learn web design, but many are hardly experts. They need to see the HTML tags (the complicated stuff) but also need a simple way to just drag and drop links and images in to their pages (the simple stuff). WebDesign software lets my students do both. It gives them an immediate intro to the nitty-gritty and immediate results. It's the best software I've found yet to build a web-design course around.
-Dr. David Franke

Jeremy Shnaider had this to say about WebDesign

I thought that the Mac already had the best HTML Editors when you consider whats out there. Now Webdesign comes into the picture and I realize how wrong I was.
-Jeremy Shnaider

Frank Kisler had this to say about WebDesign

Thanks for making this software available to the Mac community.
-Frank Kisler

Mark Taplan had this to say about WebDesign

WOW!! I can't believe the amount of features in WebDesign considering that it is only at version 1.0. I can't imagine what to expect in future versions
-Mark Taplan

Jason Barsten had this to say about WebDesign

I've been looking for a good HTML Editor after switching to the Mac a few months ago. BBedit is too expensive and has features I don't need...WebDesign is a great editor with just the right features and more. Great Job!
-Jason Barsten

download.com had this to say about WebDesign

Web designers: Whether you are a professional Web master or just working on your first home page, this all-new HTML editor for the Mac offers plenty of unique features to make the job easier. Utilizing WebDesign's advanced text editing tools, HTML wizards, and other convenient features, you can create professional Web pages without breaking the bank.

Kyle Burks had this to say about Sitemap Automator

A very useful utility that is extremely handy... A very nice interface and simple to use.
-Kyle Burks

Jeremy Stern had this to say about Macintosh Explorer

I have been a long time user of Macintosh Explorer since it came out. It is probably the best application I own and it's always opened. The built-in features have really helped me save lots of time."
-Jeremy Stern

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