What We Are All About

interface Beautiful Mac Interface
Your stylish taste attracted you to your Mac. Why should you expect anything different from your software.
help 100% Customer Support
We are always here to help whenever you need us. Drop us an email with any questions you may have.
users Community Building
We love to hear what our users have to say. Browse our forums or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.
bugs Software Quality
We hate software bugs and will squash them at every chance we get.
calendar Consistent Software Updates
Your purchase gets you on average over 2 years of feature packed updates.
lightbulb Constant Innovation
You will not find features in our products anywhere else. We were the first to bring tabbed file browsing and code folding.
megaphone Staying In Touch
We still love hearing from customers from over 10 years ago. Let us know what your up to and we will let you know what we are up to.
magnet Keeping You With Us
We have so much more planned. Our goal is to keep you happy so when you build your web site you think RAGE.

How Can We Help You?

We don't sell software, we sell RAGE Products. What's a RAGE Product?

  • High Quality Software
  • Beautiful Mac Interface
  • Extensive Help Resources
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Strong Commitment To The Mac Community!

Since 1999, we have been providing not only software solutions to Mac users like yourself, but exceptional quality support to every single one of our customers. When you buy RAGE Products you are not only purchasing a set of instructions to automate your work flow, you are purchasing continuous software improvements, exceptional customer support, and a company with a long history of commitment to the Mac.

Your Support is the key to our success and Customer Support is the key to your success. It is our policy to make sure that RAGE Products run flawlessly and provide you with prompt and helpful answers to your questions.

Our support is always open, and our community members are here to help. Just take any RAGE Product for a test drive, and don't forget to tell us what we can do for you.

Help us create a long-term relationship with you by falling in love with RAGE Products.

Contact Us

RAGE Offices RAGE Offices
1136-3 Centre St. Suite #262
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
L4J 3M8
Email RAGE Software Get In Contact
The fastest and easiest way to contact us is through our Online Contact Form

Our Mission

Provide an easy way for Mac web developers to design, prepare and promote their websites. By providing both quality in our products and our unlimited product support, we endeavor to become the company you turn to for your web authoring and promotional needs.

Encourage and implement customer feedback and communication to insure that we not only meet expectations but surpass them by developing long-term relationships with our users.

Acknowledge that long-term growth and profitability is essential to our success and to insure a stable environment which lets us continue to efficiently develop and innovate solutions for our users.


Come see RAGE Software participating at the following events;

Macworld 2011 - January 26th - 29th 2011. San Francisco, CA - Booth 448

Macworld Expo 2011 Once again we had an amazing time at Macworld Expo 2011. The conference was packed with attendees and exhibitors. We got to meet with existing customers and show off our software to new customers as well. We also demoed some of our new products coming out this year that we are really excited about.

Macworld 2009 - January 6th - 9th 2009. San Francisco, CA - Booth S-2616

Macworld Expo 2009 RAGE Software is extremely excited to participate once again at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco from January 6th - 9th 2009. Come visit us at our booth at S2616 and see all of our software in action. We will be demoing new features, exclusive updates and new products and services coming out in 2009.

Xsilva Certification Camp - May 20th 2008. Santa Barbara, CA

Xsilva Systems At Xsilva's certification camp, we spoke with existing and new resellers of Xsilva's next generation point of sale software for Mac OS X. We announced our LightSpeed Web Store add-ons to help Web Store users drive more traffic to their online stores and presented to a room full of attendees how they can easy utilize our add-ons.

REALWorld 2008 - March 21st 2008 - Search Engine Optimization Presentation

CapMac Uer Group RAGE Software discussed the benefits of search engine optimizations and actual step-by-step strategies that web developers can use to help drive more traffic to their website at REALWorld 2008 in Austin Texas.

CapMac - March 20th 2008 - Search Engine Optimization Presentation

CapMac Uer Group We had the pleasure of providing Capital Macintosh, Austin's Priemer Macintosh User Group, with a detailed presentation on search engine optimization best practices and online marketing. We had the opportunity to speak with and hear from local Mac users in the the Austin area.

Macworld 2008 - January 15th - 19th 2008. San Francisco, CA - Booth S-2727

Macworld Expo 2008 At Macworld Expo 2008 we had a great time meeting existing users and demoing our software to new users and media. We had a few celebrities stop by our booth and got lots of great feedback from the Mac community. We look forward to exhibiting once again at Macworld 2009.

Xsilva DayCamp - January 13th 2008. San Francisco, CA

Xsilva Systems RAGE Software had the opportunity to speak to Xsilva LightSpeed POS users at their annual DayCamp reseller training event. We talked about how RAGE Software's tools can be used to help promote web stores built using the new Web Store from Xsilva.