World's First Smart Folders For the Mac!

Don't settle for regular folders when you can have Smart Folders, the whole new way to store your documents. Never scour your hard drives again looking for that particular word document you created last month. Let Smart Folders bring your files to you. Take control of your documents by placing similiar files in a central location, all done automatically, and updated as new files are added.

Smart Folder doesn't forget. It keeps track of your Smart Folders so that you can easily change the document criteria to broaden your search or narrow it down to those specific files. Don't fall victim to an unorganized computer, let Smart Folders do the dirty work for you so you can focus on the more important tasks.

Key Features

Smart Folders conveniently places all your files, folders and documents in on central location. Some of the key features you get with Smart Folders include;
  • Scours your hard drive for all related documents and places them in one central folder
  • Automatically updates as new files and folders are installed
  • Fast searching takes place in the background without disturbing your work
  • Define powerful criteria to match files and folders
  • Search your entire computer or only selected hard drives

Key Points

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