Your iWeb Website, Top Search Engine Rankings

Since Apple discontinued iWeb over 6 years ago, iWeb SEO Tool is no longer supported but is free to download and use. We have created a new, modern iWeb replacement which is just as easy, but much more powerful. You can download a free demo on the EverWeb site.

Now iWeb users can get the same search engine benefits enjoyed by all other websites by optimizing their iWeb sites specifically for all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. iWeb SEO Tool lets you quickly and easily add custom title tags, meta tags, alternative image text and even analytics code for tracking website visitors. Since iWeb always overwrites all custom changes to your site, iWeb SEO Tool will even remember all the tags you entered so updating your site is as simple as pressing the 'Re-Apply all Tags' button.

With iWeb SEO Tool you can quickly and easily prepare your iWeb based websites for search engines then automatically publish your search engine ready website to your servers.

Check out our iWeb for Business Quick Start Article for help running your business with iWeb.

iWeb SEO Video Tutorial

Key Features

Start attracting new search engine visitors to your iWeb website today with these features;
  • Easily change title tags, meta tags and alternate image text to help improve search engine rankings
  • Quickly add Google Analytics, Statscounter, or any other analytics code to your iWeb site
  • Open iWeb websites right from your iDisk
  • Add HTML header tags to your iWeb site. Currently the only way to properly add them.
  • Remembers all previous meta tags between updates so you can quickly apply your search engine optimizations each time you publish your website
  • Quickly publish your optimized website directly to your FTP server or iDisk from within iWeb SEO Tool
  • Fully compatible with iWeb 08 and iWeb 09

Key Points

  • Add your important SEO tags to your iWeb site
  • Quickly add Google Analytics or any site tracking code
  • Publish directly to your FTP server
  • Easy to install and use

iWeb SEO Tool Features

Easily Edit Your iWeb Title Tags

Easily Edit Your iWeb Title Tags

Title tags are the most important on-page search engine optimization you can use to help improve your search engine rankings.

Enter 2 - 3 important keywords in your title tags for each of your web pages on your iWeb site. Make sure your title tags are unique for each page and accurately describe what search engines, and your visitors, will find on your website.

Add Your Important Meta Tags to Your iWeb Website

Add Your Important Meta Tags to Your iWeb Website

Meta tags are still used by some search engines, including Google, to properly gather all the information about your website.

Your meta description is a short description of your webpage content. Like your title tag, and all other meta tags, it should be unique for each one of your webpages. Provide a short description of what visitors should expect to see on your webpage. Search engines will use your description meta tag in the search results page right underneath the title tag.

Your meta keywords are used by some search engines to determine what keywords your website should appear for in their search results page. Place a short list of targeted keywords in this field. Keep in mind that meta keywords are no longer used by most major search engines and do not provide instant results. If placing at the top of search engines were as easy as entering a few keywords, we would all have top ranking websites.

Let Search Engines See Your Images With Alternative Image Text

Let Search Engines See Your Images With Alternative Image Text

Since search engines are unable to "see" the contents of image files, any images you place on your website provide no meaning or benefit to search engines. HTML has always allowed you to specify alternate image text, which is a small snippet of text describing what the associated image depicts. Search engines use this text snippet to help rank your website in their search results.

In addition, with the advent of search engines like Google image search and Yahoo image search, alternative image text has been even more important to help get your image files ranking in media based search engines.

Unfortunately, iWeb has never allowed you to specify alternative text for your image files, hindering your chances of ranking at the top of both regular and media based search engines. With RAGE iWeb SEO Tool you can easily add alternative image text to all images on your website.

Easily Add Google Analytics, Statscounter and more to your iWeb Website

Easily Add Google Analytics, Statscounter and more to your iWeb Website

With iWeb SEO Tool you can quickly and easily add Google Analytics, Statscounter, Mint, or any other analytics code to your iWeb website. Just copy and paste the snippet of code provided by your favorite analytics code into iWeb SEO Tool and let the software take care of the rest.

Plus, since iWeb SEO Tool automatically saves all tags internally, when you update your website in iWeb, you can re-apply your analytics code at the click of a button.

iWeb SEO Tool Video Tutorials

How To Open Your Site in iWeb SEO Tool

This video tutorial will teach you the basic steps of opening your iWeb site in iWeb SEO Tool. It will teach you how to export your site in iWeb and what folder you need to open in iWeb SEO Tool.

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Add Google Analytics, Title Tags, Meta Tags and More with iWeb SEO Tool

In this video tutorial we will look at how we can use iWeb SEO Tool to add Google Analytics, Title Tags, Meta Tags, Alternative Image Text and more.

This video tutorial also describes how to add Statscounter to your iWeb site if you prefer that over Google Analytics.

Watch Tutorial

How To Publish to FTP in iWeb SEO Tool

This video tutorial will walk you through the steps of publishing your website to your FTP server. If you are having problems connecting to your FTP server, or you don't know what to put in the directory path field, this video will help you.

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Updating Your Website with iWeb and iWeb SEO Tool

In this video tutorial we will go over the steps you are required to do each time you need to update your iWeb website. Since iWeb overwrites all previous files, iWeb SEO Tool needs to be run each time you update your website.

Simply publish your website to a folder in iWeb and open it back up in iWeb SEO Tool. Then, press the 'Re-Apply Saved Tags' button to apply all your saved tags. Your entire website will be updated and you can now publish your iWeb site to your server using iWeb SEO Tool's publishing features.

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Make Sure Your iWeb Site is Published Correctly

This video tutorial will teach you how to make sure that your iWeb site has been published properly using iWeb SEO Tool.

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Backing Up Your iWeb SEO Tool Data

iWeb SEO Tool stores your meta tag details in an external file on your hard drive. That's why updating iWeb SEO Tool never erases your previously entered tags.

This video will walk you through the steps of backing up your iWeb SEO Tool tags.

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Avoid Long URLs in iWeb

By default iWeb creates long URLs for your website. This makes them hard to remember and definitely not needed. Most users try to fix this with domain masking which can harm your website in many ways.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how you can create short URLs the proper way.

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Easily add Favicons to Your iWeb Site

Easily add a Favicon to your iWeb site with iWeb SEO Tool. Favicons are the small icons that appears in your address bar at the top of your browser.

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