Easily Add Audio and Video To your Web Sites

The WebDesign Media Plug-in Pack is a free package of WebDesign plug-ins which allows you to easily add any kind of QuickTime, RealPlayer or FLASH media to your websites. You don't have to know the proper HTML code. This plug-in pack will take care of it for you.

The WebDesign Media Plug-in pack also includes plug-ins for adding background audio and audio links to your web pages. For more free WebDesign add-ons visit the WebDesign Resources web page.

Key Features

  • Add Quicktime media to your website
  • Add RealPlayer media and external RealPlayer controls
  • Add FLASH content to spice up your web site
  • Add background sound or downloadable audio
  • Completely free with your purchase of WebDesign

Key Points

RAGE Media Plug-in Pack Features

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