Top Search Engine Rankings, Step by Step

SEIntelligence is no longer being developed. It is unlikely to see any updates and we will no longer be providing customer support for it. You can still use our free video tutorials and PDF manuals from under the Help menu within the software.

We know search engines like good content, we know they like other websites linking to ours, but what about the specifics? What kind of content should we have on our website, which websites do we need to link back to us and how do we find them?

SEIntelligence has the answer to all of these questions and more. By analyzing the currently ranking websites and comparing them to yours, SEIntelligence can tell you exactly what they are doing and what you need to change to match their strategy.

Since we don't know specifically what search engines like, we can learn by what they currently rank at the top of their results. SEIntelligence gathers the top ranking websites for any keyword and goes through every aspect of their site structure, content and link building strategy. It then outlines exactly what you need to change on your website to match their strategy, and in turn, their high rankings.

Key Features

SEIntelligence comes with these great features;

  • Compare your website with the top ranking websites
  • Analyze every detail about your website and learn how it affects your SEO strategy
  • Easily implement 301 redirects and create robot.txt files
  • Analyze the link structure of your website
  • Keyword suggestion tool provides the prevalent keyword terms for each webpage
  • Publish your changes directly to your FTP server
  • Manage unlimited projects
  • Analyze backlinks to your competitors
  • Find the most valuable backlinks that need to be linking to you
  • Get Facebook likes and Facebook shares for all of your competitor's backlinks
  • Keep track of who is linking to your website
  • Discover when your backlinks stop linking back to you
  • Advanced reporting details let you quickly analyze backlinks

Key Points

  • Step-by-step SEO optimizations
  • Social networking features and suggestions
  • Works with any website
  • Apply suggestions right from within the software
  • No monthly fees, No subscription fees

SEIntelligence Features

Step by step instructions for top search engine rankings

Step by step instructions for top search engine rankings

Less than 5% of websites online are doing everything they can to have their content properly optimized for search engines. Google actually provides free guidelines for optimizing your website for search engines.

However, Google's suggestions are very generic and not tailored to your website. SEIntelligence on the other hand provides detailed strategies specific to your website based on Google, Yahoo and Bing's search advice.

SEIntelligence analyzes every single aspect of your website making sure it not only follows the right guidelines but also warns you of potential threats that can potentially be hurting your website's rankings.

Compare your website to the top ranking sites

Compare your website to the top ranking sites

In addition to following the guidelines set out by all major search engines, SEIntelligence also compares your website to the top ranking websites for your targeted keywords.

Even though we know what can help your search engine rankings, we don't know how the thousands of ranking factors can effect your website's ranking. What we can do is analyze the top ranking websites for your targeted keywords and see how they compare to your website.

Where do the top ranking sites place their keywords? Who is linking to the top ranking sites? By looking at the top ranking website and using statistical analysis, we can discover what Google and other major search engines like and show you what specific changes need to be made to your website to get to the top of search engines.

Your competitors are getting their links from...

Your competitors are getting their links from...

So we know that Google considers each website that links to your website as a "vote". Basically this means, the more websites that link to you (or your competition), essentially "voting" for your website, the higher your rankings will be. The trick of course, is to actually get other websites to link to you.

With SEIntelligence we can discover who is linking to your competitors, and more importantly, which links are the most important. Using this information, and the fact that SEIntelligence can automatically get your the email address of your competitor's backlinks, you can duplicate and beat your competitors linking strategy.

What about local search? What about social media optimization? SEIntelligence can do this to, showing you exactly where your competitor's links are coming from and how effective their social media marketing campaigns are.

SEIntelligence can handle your website...

SEIntelligence can handle your website...

No matter what you built your website in, whether it is with; iWeb, DreamWeaver, RapidWeaver, WebDesign, Sandvox, Wordpress, Joomla, or any other site builder, SEIntelligence can handle it.

By providing step by step instructions you can make the necessary modifications yourself, or send them to your web developer. Either way, you'll have a highly optimized website and you can start enjoying an increase in web traffic almost instantly.

Optimize for your global customers

Optimize for your global customers

SEintelligence can analyze and compare your website with websites found anywhere in the world. Supporting hundreds of global search engines, it doesn't matter what country or region you want to optimize for or where your potential customers will come from.

With the click of a button SEIntelligence can compare your website to the top ten results from any search engine. Since search engines may rank pages differently depending on where the customer is searching from, this is a great way to find niche source your competitors have not yet looked.

SEIntelligence Video Tutorials

Opening Your Website In SEIntelligence

This video tutorial will teach you the various ways that you can open your website up in SEIntelligence.

With SEIntelligence you can load a website up using a locally saved site, download from your FTP server, or download from your website URL.

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SEIntelligence: On-Page Optimizations

This video will discuss the on-page optimizations window and will give you a brief overview of how to use it.

Watch Tutorial

SEIntelligence: Optimize your Website for Search Engines

Learn how to use SEIntelligence's competitive analysis feature. SEIntelligence will compare your website to the top ranking websites and tell you what you need to do to beat your competition.

Watch Tutorial

Write the Perfect Description for Your Website

This tutorial will show you what a meta page description is, and how it can play a very important role in attracting website visitors from search engines.

SEIntelligence will help you write the perfect description for your website.

Watch Tutorial

Editing Additional Meta Tags

Learn about additional meta tags that search engines use to rank your website. Some lesser known meta tags can affect your search engine rankings.

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Edit your Webpage Header Tags

Header tags help emphasize certain phrases on your website by making them very prominent to your visitors. They can also influence your search engine rankings. Watch this video tutorial to learn the best way to use them and how SEIntelligence makes it extremely easy to edit them.

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