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Are you ready to reduce your customer's wait time?

Nobody likes to wait for service, whether it's shopping at their favorite store or browsing your website. Now with WebCrusher you can reduce your customer's wait time, increase customer conversion and beat your competitors with a fast loading website.

Intelligent website optimizer automatically removes unneeded website code!

WebCrusher offers one-click website optimization, reducing the time it takes for your website to load in your customer's web browser. Create your website any way you like then run it through WebCrusher and publish it to your web server. In less than 5 minutes you will have a faster loading website with absolutely no additional work on your part.

WebCrusher reduces the size of your image files as well as your web page code. Whether you built your website with iWeb, Rapidweaver, Dreamweaver or WebDesign, WebCrusher can ensure your website loads as fast as possible for your customers.

NEW: Make your iWeb sites more compatible with Internet Explorer using WebCrusher.

Key Features

With an easy to use interface, WebCrusher can;
  • Reduce the wait time for your customers when visiting your website
  • Dramatically reduce the size of your image files, including JPEGs and PNGs, so they load faster for your website visitors
  • Save costs on expensive bandwidth charges from your web hosting provider
  • Ensure Google and other search engines index all of your webpages
  • Converts CSS code to its short hand equivalent, dramatically reducing the size of your CSS files
  • Optimize any website designed using any web authoring tool including iWeb, WebDesign, Rapidweaver, Dreamweaver, Freeway & more
  • Optimize HTML newsletters sent to customers, avoiding any email rejections or slow loading emails
  • Perfect for websites targeting mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberrys
  • Publish only the optimized web pages and image files directly to your FTP server
  • Quickly compare original images and website pages with your optimized images and pages so you can be sure no visual changes have been made to your website
  • Easy to use drag and drop user interface

Key Points

  • Instantly speed up your website
  • Makes any website faster
  • Publish directly to your server
  • No technical skills required!

WebCrusher Features

Optimize HTML pages & Image Files Up to 60%

Optimize HTML pages & Image Files Up to 60%

The number one reason why customers leave a website is because of how slow it is loading. On average, potential customers will wait up to 8 seconds for a webpage to load until they close their browser window and move on.

With WebCrusher you can now effortlessly reduce the wait time of your visitors by up to 60%, and sometimes even more. WebCrusher uses sophisticated techniques to automatically reduce the size of your webpages as well as compress image files such as JPEGs and PNGs files.

Even more important, Google will now take into consideration the speed of your webpages when evaluating the quality of your website.

WebCrusher will reduce not only the wait time of your customers, but the time it takes search engines to crawl and index your website.

Compare Your Original Webpage & Your Optimized Webpage Side-by-Side

Compare Your Original Webpage & Your Optimized Webpage Side-by-Side

WebCrusher works by analyzing your webpage code and removing anything it deems unnecessary. If a small change in your code results in a change in your webpage's appearance you can quickly and easily compare the original page with the optimized page.

If you do happen to see a change in your webpage's appearance, you can easily revert back to the original file by clicking a single button. Next time you optimize your website, you can adjust your optimization settings to not apply all the strict optimization techniques.

Quickly Compare Original Pictures with Optimized Pictures

Quickly Compare Original Pictures with Optimized Pictures

Since JPEG images are compressed, you may occasionally see a reduction in your image quality. You can set the quality level of your JPEG's in the Preferences.

However, if you do see a significant quality reduction in your JPEG images, you can easily revert to the original image file. Just double click a JPEG image to see a side by side preview of both the original and optimized versions. Simply click 'Use Original' to go back to your original image file.

Even better, WebCrusher's PNG image compression will never reduce your image quality while it optimizes your files. It simply uses sophisticated techniques to properly optimize your PNG files.

Choose From Over 40 Website Optimization Techniques

Choose From Over 40 Website Optimization Techniques

For years we have been developing the most sophisticated optimization techniques for your website. WebCrusher intelligently scans each of your webpage files removing only what it has determined to be unnecessary code without changing it's appearance.

With over 40 optimization techniques, you can be sure that you are never wasting your customer's time when they visit your website.

Great for mobile websites too!

Easily Exclude Certain Files From Being Optimized

Easily Exclude Certain Files From Being Optimized

Some files, such as certain web scripts, should not be modified. WebCrusher can respect that with easy to use File Filters. Simply enter your filter rules and WebCrusher will always respect those files.

Never worry about breaking your important scripts, code or sensitive files.

Publish Only Modified Files To Your Web Server

Publish Only Modified Files To Your Web Server

Once you have optimized your website, it's now time to publish to your server. WebCrusher can take care of this for you by only publishing files that have actually had their file size reduced. Only modified files will be published to your server at the click of a button.

With the built in FTP Client, you never have to rely on third party tools. WebCrusher can also publish to your iDisk/MobileMe or to a local folder.

Get your iWeb site Working in Internet Explorer

Get your iWeb site Working in Internet Explorer

iWeb websites are known for their incompatibility with Internet Explorer. We tested hundreds of iWeb sites and came up with a step by step guide to making your iWeb site work with Internet Explorer and built this functionality into WebCrusher.

With the click of a button you can make sure that your visitors who use Internet Explorer can properly view your website and that it loads as fast as possible.

WebCrusher Video Tutorials

How Your Website Speed Affects Your Search Engine Rankings

Google now considers the speed of your website when it ranks your site in its search engine results pages. In fact, you can compare how fast your site is relative to all other websites in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

With WebCrusher you can instantly speed up your website without changing its appearance. This video will show you how to check your website's speed.

Watch Tutorial

Publish Your Optimized Website with a Third Party FTP Client

Learn how to publish your optimized site using a third party FTP client. Some users who have had trouble using WebCrusher's built in FTP publishing feature, or who prefer to use their own FTP client, can learn how to publish their optimized website with this video tutorial. For example, you can use FileZilla, Cyberduck, Transmit, Fetch etc.. to publish your optimized site.

Watch Tutorial

How To Use WebCrusher With An iWeb Website

This video tutorial will walk you through the steps of optimizing your iWeb website with WebCrusher so it loads as fast as possible for your visitors.

WebCrusher works great with iWeb websites because there is a lot of room for optimization improvements.

Watch Tutorial

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