How To Load Your Site In iWeb SEO Tool : FTP Users

February 26th, 2011

This video is an update to an older video that showed you how to load your site into iWeb SEO Tool. This video should only be watched by users who publish their iWeb sites to FTP and NOT to MobileMe.

Video Transcript:

It is very important to learn about the proper ways of loading your website into iWeb SEO Tool.

If you are watching this video, it means you publish your website to an FTP account. I am going to show you the proper way to load your website in iWeb SEO Tool. We also have another video that demonstrates the proper way to publish your site to FTP. I encourage everyone to take a look at that. You can find these videos on the iWeb SEO Tool page by clicking on the Video Tutorials Tab.

So to load your site in iWeb SEO Tool, you must first publish your site to a local folder. To do so, go to your site’s publish page. You can get to the publish page by clicking on the Site Name in the menu here on the left hand side. If you have multiple websites, each of your websites will have its own Site Name. So click on the Site Name to be taken to the publish page.

Make sure that Publish to Local Folder is selected from the drop down menu. Select a location on your hard drive to publish the folder to. Take note of this location as you will need to know it when loading your folder in iWeb SEO Tool. Also note that I said hard drive and not network drive. It is important that you publish the folder to your hard drive otherwise you will have trouble publishing the site.

Next, click on File in the menu bar, and select Publish Entire Site. This ensures that all of your website files will be publish to your folder.

Now it’s time to load the folder into iWeb SEO Tool. Simply click on the Open Website button and locate the folder that you just published to your hard drive. Select the folder and press the Choose button. Your website is now loaded in iWeb SEO Tool.

Some of you are going to try to load a file with a .html extension for example, or a file that has a .sites extension. You will notice that these files are greyed out and you cannot select them. That is because you must load your website folder into iWeb SEO Tool and not any other file.

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  1. iWeb SEO Tool Instructions Says:

    […] 1) How to open your site in iWeb SEO Tool – FTP users only (NOT MobileMe) […]

  2. Nashville T Shirt Printing Says:

    Thanks for posting this. The instructions are extremely helpful for my t shirt printing business. It took me a bit to figure out how to then publish to my ftp, but now everything is working great.

  3. Philip Says:

    Hi folks this is good information, thank you.

    I noticed that when I loaded the web site as instructed the video shows “head code” and “footer code” loaded into the dialogue boxes, but when I do it there is nothing in the boxes… am I missing something??


  4. paul Says:

    You need to sign up to either Google Analytics or StatsCounter to get your visitor tracking code.

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