How To Load Your Site In iWeb SEO Tool : MobileMe Users

February 26th, 2011

This video is an update to an earlier video in which we show you the proper way of loading your site in iWeb SEO Tool. This video is specific to users who publish their sites to MobileMe. There is a recommended method for a MobileMe site and using iWeb SEO Tool and we encourage all MobileMe users to follow along.

Video Transcript:

It is very important to learn about the proper ways of loading your website into iWeb SEO Tool.

If you are watching this video, it means you publish your website to MobileMe. We have specific instructions on how to load your site in iWeb SEO Tool if you publish to MobileMe.

First, you must have iWeb open to the publish page. You can get to the publish page by clicking on the Site Name in the menu here on the left hand side. If you have multiple websites, each of your websites will have its own Site Name. So click on the Site Name to be taken to the publish page. Now, everyone who publishes to MobileMe, will publish their website to MobileMe right from within iWeb. This is the way you normally publish your site, so there is nothing different at this point. Every time you update your website in iWeb, you are going to publish it to MobileMe in iWeb.

Now that our sites have been published to MobileMe, let’s open up iWeb SEO Tool so we can load our site in it.

To load our sites, click on the Load iDisk Sites button. All of your websites will show up on the left hand side. Find the site that you want to optimize and click on the arrow to view the website files.

When you make your optimizations, clicking the Apply, or Apply To Entire Site button, depending on which tab you are on, will publish the changes to your site. This means you do not need to press this Publish button in the top right corner here. The changes will be published automatically when you click the Apply, or Apply To Entire Site buttons. Remember, do not go back into iWeb and publish your site from iWeb after do ing this. This will overwrite everything and you will be left without your optimizations.

The process should just be this

1) Create Site in iWeb
2) Publish site to MobileMe in iWeb
3) Load site in iWeb SEO Tool via Load iDisk Sites button
4) Make optimizations and click Apply or Apply To Entire Site buttons

Now one note I want to make here, is that if you do publish to MobileMe and load your website into iWeb SEO Tool this way, you will not be able to add a favicon to your site.

Lastly, as everyone should be aware by now, MobileMe is being discontinued. This means you will need to find another hosting company. I encourage everyone to sign up to our hosting. We will make sure we do what we can to make your transition easy. You can also take comfort in knowing that we are the only hosting company who can provide support for iWeb users.

You can visit us at or by clicking on Hosting in our navigation menu.

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