Backing Up Your Data From iWeb SEO Tool

June 17th, 2011

This quick video tutorial will show you an easy way of backing up your iWeb SEO Tool data so that you can use it on another computer.

If you want to back up your data in iWeb SEO Tool, you will need to follow these simple steps.

First, open the finder window and click on your username, then Library, then Preferences, and located the file called com.ragesw.iwebseotool.xml

You can then copy this file and then paste it where you want to store the backup files.

You will then need to go to Username, then library then Application Support and find the folder called iWeb SEO Tool and also copy and paste that in the location where you are storing the backup files.

You can then put these files back in the same location if you want to use it on a different computer, or for whatever reason, and your old data should re-appear when you load in your site and press the Re-Apply Saved Tags button.

7 Responses to “Backing Up Your Data From iWeb SEO Tool”

  1. Jake Says:

    Tried to move my meta tags from one computer to another, but when I hit “re-apply saved tags” button nothing happens… help?

  2. Sebastian Says:

    I have the same problem. It does´t works. What could I do?

  3. Sebastian Says:

    with the new 2.0 it works ! Yeah !

  4. Julie Says:

    Hi I have transferred from my old mac to a new imac with lion and cannot transfer the iweb seo info to my new profile. its driving me crazy. Lion doesn’t seem to have the library file..Help

  5. paul Says:

    In Lion the Library folder is just hidden. To get to it, go to the top of your screen and select ‘Go’ from the menu bar and then select ‘Go To Folder…’.

    A window will open, please enter the following EXACTLY as shown;

    ~/Library/Application Support/

    A new window will open and you will see your iWeb SEO Tool folder. If you don’t see an iWeb SEO Tool folder just create one and move your database file from your old computer.

  6. Jeremy Says:

    In Lion, open the Finder window, and then go to the very top of your screen and you should see a menu called Go. Once there, select Go To Folder, and paste this in: ~/Library/Preferences/

    You will then be able to paste the file mentioned, and will now have access to your Library to paste the Application Support folder.

  7. Adam Says:

    I don’t have the .xml file that is to be copied? I’ve got the .plist file, but not the other one. What do I do now?

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