How To Tell If You Correctly Published Your XML Sitemap

June 17th, 2011

This video will demonstrate how you can check to see if you have correctly published your XML Sitemap using Sitemap Automator.

To check to see if your Sitemap has published correctly, first open your website in your web browser.

If your site shows up as, then type in sitemap.xml beside the domain, similar to how I am doing it. If the sitemap shows up, then you have published it correctly.

If your site was made in iWeb, it might look something like this. Just replace pagename.html with sitemap.xml.

If your iWeb website’s URL contains the Site Name in the middle here, then you can replace these two items with sitemap.xml

If that doesn’t work, you can also try seeing if your Sitemap is located inside of the site folder by just replacing pagename.html with sitemap.xml like this.

If none of these options worked for you, then you most likely did not publish your Sitemap correctly, and you must try it again.

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