Google Webmaster Tools Gets New Features & Updates

June 11th, 2009

Google Webmaster Tools gets an all new interface and new features.

Some of the highlights of the new interface and new features include;

  1. An all new dashboard that shows your most important data including top search queries, top incoming links as well as any errors found on your website which may effect how Google and other searches crawl your website.
  2. Up to 100 top search queries for your website and up to 100 top clicked search queries.
  3. The ability to track XML Sitemaps submitted by other users of your site.
  4. You can now subscribe to messages sent to your Webmaster Tools account so you get them right to your email. You no longer have to login to your account to check your messages

All in all, this new updated offers some much needed new features. We especially like the addition of showing up to 100 search queries. If you haven’t already done so, create your XML Sitemap today and get access to all of this important information about your website.

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