RAGE Sitemap Automator Released With Full iWeb Support

April 29th, 2008

Yesterday we released an update to RAGE Sitemap Automator, the essential tool for getting your website listed in search engines.

The latest update adds full support for iWeb based websites. It can now properly scan and find all links on an iWeb created website as well as automatically publish your XML Sitemap file on your iDisk in the correct location. It also adds some other fixed and enhancements.

If you have an iWeb web site, make sure you have read our SEO for iWeb blog post so you can learn how to rank your iWeb site high in search engines.

Note: We released version 1.9.6 today which fixed a small bug that made incompatible sitemap files. So if you have downloaded version 1.9.5 please download the free 1.9.6 update.

One Response to “RAGE Sitemap Automator Released With Full iWeb Support”

  1. lara robinson Says:

    Hi i’m having a littke issue here. I have a mac os x 10.6.2 and created a website with iweb ,hosted by godaddy. I used your SEO tools for the tags ect and published it but this caused all my changes to my site to be undone because i only saved my site files once when i first had to published. I was able to correct these changes by publishing my entire site again however i cant figure out how to save the new changes to my files. i watched your tutorial video which explained everything to me very clearly. all i have to do is save the new pages to a folder but i do not have the save to folder option on my computer. all it has is publish entire site or visit published site. Can you please tell me how i can save these changes to my site so when i use SEO tool it does not mess my current site up?

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