Add e-commerce to iWeb Website with Paypal

September 22nd, 2010

Have you ever wanted to use your iWeb site to sell products or services? Maybe you want to start your own business and don’t know how to get started selling products online.

It’s actually very easy to set up an e-commerce store with iWeb and Paypal. The benefit of using Paypal is that you don’t need to worry about having a secure server, setting up a merchant account, fraud, chargebacks and everything else that comes along with accepting payments online.

Even if your customers don’t have paypal accounts, although many do, they can still use their credit cards to make a purchase online. You are notified instantly once the payment is added to your account.

We have posted a step by step video explaining how to add Paypal to your iWeb site so you can start selling online.

Building Trust Online

There are still many people who are nervous to purchase something online. Another benefit of using Paypal is people know they can trust them. But how can you let them know that they can trust you? Here are some tips for building trust online;

  • Have a real domain name and avoid using your name if you are using MobileMe. Domain names are cheap, they only cost a few dollars a year, and they show you are serious about your online business. You can get a business domain name here.
  • If you are using MobileMe to host your website, be aware that it is not meant for business websites, just personal sites. Consider a real web host for faster servers, the ability to handle an increasing number of visitors and more options with what you can do with your website (see for example our URL shortening video for iWeb sites.
  • Include a privacy policy so your customers know what information you collect from them and how you use their information.
  • Include your address and an easy way for customers to contact you.
  • If possible, provide some kind of money back guarantee. If your products are good, you shouldn’t expect many people to want a refund.
  • Remember that search engines are always the best way to at attract new and targeted customers to your website. Check out our step by step SEO for iWeb instructional course which provides a complete walkthrough on how to optimize your website.

5 Responses to “Add e-commerce to iWeb Website with Paypal”

  1. Taishan Says:

    Hi there .. I would like to watch the paypal video .. but i cannot find it .. can you please send me a link ?


  2. Al Says:

    Here is an example of an iWeb website using Paypal

  3. iWeb For Business: A Quick Start Guide Says:

    […] to launch your site quickly. You can follow this popular tutorial to see a step-by-step method for adding PayPal to an iWeb business site. Share and […]

  4. Glynis Says:

    Hi, I have already placed the Paypal facility on my iWeb website earlier this year, and it is the best thing I could have done. It has given my customers the security and confidence that they want and need, and makes it so much easier to do business as the money arrives in my business account immediately without me having to take any details etc. It’s a tremendous help.
    I am about to publish to the web my business website with the SEO for iWeb tool (search engine optimisation) in the hope that it will improve more awareness of my company and we will receive more hits.
    Many thanks for your SEO iWeb tool and your suggestions. Any more would be most welcome.
    Kind regards, Glynis

  5. Jay Taylor Says:

    THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooooo much for this excellent tutorial – what a life saver! I have to admit that I’ve spent inordinate amounts of frustrating time trying to enable e-commerce on my website, as I wanted to place ‘buy’ buttons (or at the very least links to places where people could buy prints of my work) underneath the gallery images in my portfolios: as you know, this simply does not work 🙁 But thanks to this tutorial, I now have a little Shop on my website, and although it’s not perfect (I would obviously prefer to have the cart options right there on every gallery image instead), it is WAY better than no options to buy at all. I really appreciate your help! – Jay

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