iWeb SEO Tool 1.9.1 Released

September 15th, 2010

We just published an update to iWeb SEO Tool. It fixes a problem with case sensitive volumes. If you were getting an error when launching prior versions of iWeb SEO Tool, please download this update. It also fixes some other minor bugs and improves MobileMe publishing.

Download iWeb SEO Tool 1.9.1 here

2 Responses to “iWeb SEO Tool 1.9.1 Released”

  1. Paul Zolin Says:

    Within the past year I have been unable to make complete changes to my website using iWeb. I am using OSX10.10.4 It makes certain changes but not others which it use to make. It does not complete the process and shows the error message you state. Whenever I try to make changes it only gives me the choice to replace the entire site but only replaces some of it. The page icons in the left margin of iWeb remain pink even when those specific changes HAVE BEEN MADE. I have reduced the content on the site moving pages and content to a second site which I then don’t publish but use to retain the removed content. My website published to the local site (my computer) is perfect and when changed the page icos go from pick to blue as they should.

    I note your page is 5 years old. Does your SEO Tool work on the OSX10.10.4 & 5 to solve my problem? Will it also work with the latest Mac Operating system too, which I have not installed to prevent an added variable to the mix?

  2. paul Says:

    You should just publish your entire site in iWeb from the File menu. I suspect that will fix it.

    iWeb SEO Tool should work but I cannot guarantee it. We do not actively support it anymore. We create EverWeb now, which is a modern replacement for iWeb. You can try it for free by downloading at http://www.everwebapp.com

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