New Beta Versions of WebDesign And MapDesign

August 30th, 2007

We have just posted two new beta updates for RAGE MapDesign and RAGE WebDesign.

Firstly, RAGE WebDesign, which a lot of users have been waiting for, now includes the new text engine we have been promising for a while now. It did take us some time to work out all the issues and get it ready for Intel Macs. But it is here now and works beautifully on both Intel and PPC Macs. It also provides better support for double byte languages such as Japanese and Chinese, among many other improvements.

We have also released a beta version of MapDesign which adds support for transparent PNGs. Now you can create beautiful, interactive image maps with transparent images.

You can sign up to beta test by creating a beta testers account at

You will see both applications listed there.

Thanks for the patients and we are eager to here what you think of the new updates.

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