Faster Loading Web Sites With RAGE MapDesign

September 18th, 2007

Recently Yahoo performed a number of tests to determine what are the major factors to slow loading web pages and provides 13 useful tips to help improve your web page load time. Having fast loading web pages is important for a variety of reasons including;

1. It has been estimated that visitors will spend less than 8 seconds waiting for a page to load before going somewhere else

2. Search engine bots will be able to scan and index your web site faster

How does this relate to RAGE MapDesign? Well Yahoo found that the number one factor to speeding up page load time is too reduce the number of HTTP requests sent to your web server. A web browser sends a request to a web server for each image it must load according to your HTML code. Yahoo actually recommends creating one large image map instead of splitting up your images manually. And of course RAGE MapDesign is the faster and easiest way to create web site image maps.

This reduces the number of requests sent to your server and in return helps speed up your web page load time. You can read the 13 Tips To Faster Loading Web Pages at Yahoo’s developer web site.

Some tips get very creative so go through them to see what else you can do to help reduce the amount of time it takes web browsers to display your web site.

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