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  1. Charles Sweeney Says:

    I have demo version of Mailshoot 2.6.1 set up on my iMac with a test web page and all works well except for email notification for unsubscribe using the URL http://www.emailsignup.net/unsubscribe.php?l=sda-list. Subscribe works ok. What could be the problem?

    How do you suggest managing the online form subscriptions. Does each new subscriber get added to the contact list manually?



  2. paul Says:

    Hi Charlie,

    You won’t get an email notification for unsubscribes. When you sync the subscribers (Import->Web from the contact list), your new subscribers will be added and anyone who unsubscribes will be removed.

  3. Paul Hand Says:

    My Mailshoot NOT WORKING

    Hi Rage, i’m an iWeb user and have bought and downloaded and activated MailShoot.
    As far as i know i have set it up correctly sand have looked at all the videos I can find from your YouTube channel, however.
    It doesn’t seem to send me any emails. I have tested it many times and embedded it on my site but i don’t seem to be receiving any emails or it doesn’t seem to be working. No emails are being sent and nothing is coming through even though it gives me the completion page.

    Can you please help? Am i doing something wrong or do i have to set it up a specific way?

    You can check out the MailShoot in my site here.. http://www.paulhand.co.uk/Paul-Hand-Contact.html

    Thank you for your time.

  4. paul Says:

    Have you checked your spam folders?

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