WebDesign 3.2 Released with HTML 5 Support

October 5th, 2010

We are happy to announce a major update to WebDesign, the fully featured web authoring package and HTML editor for Mac OS X. This update adds a number of enhancements, most notably support for HTML 5.

If you are new to HTML 5, you’ll love the new features we added. You can now see what tags and attributes are new to HTML 5 and a description for each one in the attribute editor. Auto complete and syntax checking also support the new HTML 5 tags and attributes.

WebDesign Attribute Editor Showing HTML 5 Features

WebDesign Attribute Editor

Publishing from the Site manager has also been improved. WebDesign will now mark documents that have been changed with a modified tag and only publish those files that have been modified locally. To restore the behavior from version 3.0 you can hold option as you publish. This will do a one way sync to your FTP server.

Lots of other bug fixes and improvements can be found in this update. It is free for registered 3.x users.

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