How To Shorten Your RapidWeaver URL

November 29th, 2010

This video tutorial is going to show you how you can make your RapidWeaver URL shorter by eliminating the folder name that shows up in the URL. Learn how to get your RapidWeaver website ranking high in search engines with the SEO For RapidWeaver video tutorial.

Video Transcript

When you first create a website in RapidWeaver, you will notice that as you navigate to other pages on your site, the URL in your address bar will show your domain followed by the folder name followed by the page name. Some of your folder names and page names will look different, as these items are easily customizable, but I have left mine as is to show what the default folder names and page names are.

If you want to shorten this URL by eliminating one of these items, follow these simple instructions. What we are going to do, is shorten the URL by getting rid of the folder name. Once again, the folder is this second one which comes right after the domain name.

So to get rid of the folder, open up RapidWeaver, and highlight the page on the left hand side, and then press the Page info button. In the text box next to Folder, delete whatever is in there, and put in a forward slash. Repeat this process for the remaining pages on your site. You will notice that the homepage does not contain anything in the text box next to folder. You do not need to add a forward slash to the home page. Just leave it as is.

Now, when we publish our sites, that folder name will be gone, and we will be left with a smaller, nicer looking URL in the address bar. To learn how to get your RapidWeaver website ranking high in search engines, be sure to check out the SEO For RapidWeaver video tutorial at

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  1. Janet Says:

    Is it possible to remove the .html from the url?

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