MailShoot 2.3 Update! New List Segmenting Features

September 12th, 2011

We are happy to announce that MailShoot 2.3 is now available.

You can now send e-mails to parts of your mailing list using MailShoot, our  newsletter and email list manager.

Let’s say you only want to send a newsletter to users on your list who are interested in ‘widgets’. You can set a filter to only send e-mails to users who match certain criteria of your choosing. The video below will demonstrate what segmenting is, and how to do it with MailShoot.

You can create an unlimited number of filters for each contact list. MailShoot also lets you verify who will receive your email before sending.

Video Transcript:

Using the filters feature in MailShoot is a great way to segment users on your mailing list. For example, let’s say I want to send a newsletter to my users who are interested in Fairway woods and not users who are interested in anything else. Here is my list for Jeremy’s Golf Shop. This list has 7 e-mail subscribers, all interested in different products. Using the filters feature in MailShoot, I will be able to send an e-mail only to these people, as the e-mail is going to talk about fairway woods.

On the Send Mail tab, I am going to select Filters & Limits. Next to where it says No Filter Selected, I am going to click on New to create a new filter.

The first thing I will do is name my filter so that I can refer back to it later. I will then filter out the e-mails so that I can send an e-mail only to users interested in fairway woods. I do this by selecting Products from the first drop down menu, and typing in Fairway Woods in the text field.

When I press the OK button, I will be taken back to the Send Mail tab, and I will see that 3 of 7 contacts match this filter. That is, 3 of the 7 users on my list are interested in Fairway Woods. I can now press the Preview and Send Mail button and send out my newsletter to these individuals.

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