SEIntelligence : Meta Tags

October 23rd, 2011

SEIntelligence also allows you to easily modify other meta tags on your site, such as your webpage language. This quick tutorial will go over this section, and show you how to use it.

Video Transcript

On the Meta Tags tab in SEIntelligence, the first thing we will be told is the amount of unique keywords that we have added on our page. We will also be informed that we should only target about 2 to 4 keywords per page. This is a good recommendation that most of us can follow. If you are not able to target 2 to 4 keywords in your meta tags, don’t’ worry too much about it. Just make sure you don’t have too large a number of keywords as it might be seen as a form of SPAM. I like to target two keywords per page. One primary keyword, and one secondary keyword, as I have been referring to them in previous tutorials. Remember, you can add or delete your meta keywords by clicking the plus sign or minus sign at the bottom of the keywords section.

By default, the options for telling search engines to index this page and telling search engines to follow all links on the page will be checked. If you do not want these options, you may uncheck them. There is also an option to indicate to search engines how often to revisit. We left this unchecked by default as some search engines might follow it while others might not. It’s not all that important, but feel free to use it since it won’t cause any harm.

You can also select your webpage language if you want. This can be especially helpful if you have some pages on your site in English and some in Spanish, for example. You can now indicate to search engines what language each individual page is. If your entire site is in English, then you should set your webpage language to English on every page.

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