SEIntelligence : Re-Opening Your Website In SEIntelligence After Updating In iWeb

December 1st, 2011

After you have made your optimizations in SEIntelligence, you may eventually go back to your website to make an update. Follow the instructions in this video tutorial to learn how to properly re-load your website back into SEIntelligence without losing the work that you previously did. The previous work I am referring to is the optimizations you made in SEIntelligence the last time you clicked the Apply or Apply All button.

Video Transcript:

When you decide you need to make an update to your website, you will need to save that website and load it in SEIntelligence once again, in order to re-apply the optimizations you previously made.

Here I have my site in iWeb that I have just made some updates to. Now, I’m going to publish the site to a local folder again. It’s important to know that I am publishing the site to the exact same location on my hard drive as it was when I originally loaded it into SEIntelligence. That location was my desktop, and I did not delete that folder off my desktop either. I have also kept the Site Name the exact same. All of this is very important if you want to ensure that your tags are not erased.

I’ll just repeat that for emphasis. Do not delete the website folder from your hard drive. Publish any changes made in iWeb back to that exact same folder. Do not change the Site Name, or the name of this folder. The site name and the folder name will have the exact same name.

After you have published the site back to the same folder, you can now open it in SEIntelligence. To do so, click on the corresponding existing profile for that website. When you do, you should see a popup window like this appear. This will indicate to you which pages on your site have been modified. All the pages will be select, and clicking the Apply Saved Tags will re-apply the optimizations that you made that last time in SEIntelligence.

Now, you can either make any changes you would like, or publish your site back to your FTP server.

Remember to do this each and every time you update your site in iWeb.

4 Responses to “SEIntelligence : Re-Opening Your Website In SEIntelligence After Updating In iWeb”

  1. Jmccombe Says:

    does this need to be done after updating using any program (dreamweaver) or just iweb?

  2. Jeremy Says:

    It’s not with any program. If you open the website folder in Dreamweaver after it was optimized with SEIntelligence, then you won’t need to do it. iWeb users are not able to open the post-optimized website folder in iWeb so they definitely need to do it this way.

  3. Alberto Says:

    I’ve published again the site in iWeb, then i opened SE Intelligence and i wrongly click NOT to apply previous changes…

    now.. how can i restore them?
    Thanks Jeremy

  4. paul Says:

    @Alberto: Unfortunately in this case you will have to re-enter your tags.

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