MailShoot 2.5 Makes it Easier to Send out Newsletters

January 17th, 2012

Do you want to create an online subscription form and send out newsletters to your website visitors?

MailShoot 2.5, our fully featured email newsletter software lets you quickly and easily create a double opt-in online subscription form to collect your visitors email addresses. Then it lets you send our personalized and targeted emails to your potential customers. No technical skills are required.

MailShoot 2.5 provides an all new user interface which makes it much easier to create and send out newsletters. It also fixes a number of bugs and provides some small improvements to various features.

Download MailShoot and try it on your website for free.

2 Responses to “MailShoot 2.5 Makes it Easier to Send out Newsletters”

  1. Nisha Says:

    Do you have to purchase the product in order to test the collecting ability? I downloaded the free trial but it’s not saving any of my information or collecting emails…

  2. Jeremy Says:

    No the demo version will collect the emails as well. You need to click on the Import button, followed by Web in order to see the email addresses collected.

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