SEIntelligence For iWeb SEO Tool Users

February 22nd, 2012

SEIntelligence, our powerful all-in-one search engine optimization application is much more powerful than iWeb SEO Tool, and can be the difference maker for a user trying to rank higher in search engines. With direct instructions on how to optimize your website, SEIntelligence makes it easy for any user to optimize their website. In the tutorial below, we will give you a quick tour of SEIntelligence and show you how it works and how it can help you. As noted in the video, SEIntelligence would replace iWeb SEO Tool, so you would not need to use both iWeb SEO Tool and SEIntelligence, just SEIntelligence.

Video Transcript:

A lot of you are using iWeb SEO Tool to optimize your iWeb site for search engines, but I wanted to show you our newest and most powerful way of optimizing an iWeb site. Some of you have probably already heard of it, but for those who haven’t, SEIntelligence is our latest SEO application, that is much more powerful than iWeb SEO Tool and works great with iWeb sites.

So for this video I just wanted to give you a quick tour of SEIntelligence and show you what you can expect to do with this powerful application.

SEIntelligence will allow me to load my website into the application. In this case, I already have a site loaded in, so I will just click on this existing profile and my iWeb site will load here in SEIntelligence.

You will notice that as I click on one of my website pages with a .html extension, the meta keywords will show up right here. These meta keywords are the keywords that I choose to target for my website. Based on these keywords, I am going to perform a competitive analysis, which will show me the top 10 ranking websites for a particular keyword that I am choosing. So in this case, I am going to search for Men’s Drivers in Google.

When the results appear, I will see the top 10 ranking websites, along with a lot of information about those websites.

What SEIntelligence is now doing, is analyzing my website, and comparing it to these top 10 websites, and providing me with feedback based on this analysis.

For example, if we click on the Title tab, we can see the suggestions SEIntelligence is giving me for my title based on what I currently have, and what the top 10 ranking websites are doing. Now I can change my title tag and when I click the Apply button, these suggestions will change based on what I just typed in.

You can repeat this for all of the tabs at the top. Then you can publish your website straight from SEIntelligence to your server.

So that is my quick introduction to SEIntelligence. It’s an extremely powerful SEO application and many users are extremely pleased with the results they have achieved by utilizing it. SEIntelligence would replace iWeb SEO Tool, so you would only need to optimize your site in SEIntelligence and not both iWeb SEO Tool and SEIntelligence.

SEIntelligence also comes with free video tutorials to teach you how to use the application properly so I encourage everyone to take advantage of them.

2 Responses to “SEIntelligence For iWeb SEO Tool Users”

  1. Matteo Says:

    will it hurt the iweb site i created like iWeb SEO does removing all the images from iWeb and forcing iWeb to report the images as missing? I am sure this comment won’t be published… 🙁

  2. paul Says:


    Sorry for your iWeb SEO Tool issues. Most likely you just need to select publish entire site from the file menu with iWeb. Sometimes iWeb doesn’t publish the entire site which can cause the problems you describe when publishing with iWeb SEO Tool. In addition make sure you have latest version of iWeb SEO Tool and you also select publish entire site within it when publishing to your FTP server.

    If you still have issues please email support and we would be happy to help. Both iWeb SEO Tool and SEIntelligence should publish your entire site correctly.

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