Google Maps Not Working In iWeb Post MobileMe

August 29th, 2012

Those of you who have a Google Map on your website might have noticed that after MobileMe was discontinued, your map no longer worked. The video below will show you what to do if you are one of the many users in this situation.


Now that MobileMe has been discontinued, you might have noticed that the Google Maps widget that is included in iWeb will no longer display correctly. Instead, you might see just a piece of that MobileMe is closed sign.

To correct this problem, first what you’ll need to do is remove the Google Maps widget from your iWeb site. You can do this by simply clicking on the widget and hitting the delete key on your keyboard.

Next, go to, and in the search bar, type in the address for your business and hit return to perform the search. Next, click on the icon with the chain link and copy the code under Paste HTML to embed in website.

Now, back in iWeb, drag an HTML snippet onto your page, and paste the code. Your map should appear. If you want the map on multiple pages on your site, click the respective page, drag and drop the HTML Snippet, and once again paste the code.

10 Responses to “Google Maps Not Working In iWeb Post MobileMe”

  1. mrcnrg Says:

    followed your instructions to the last dot.
    the swinging closed sign is still there.. any ideas?

  2. Jeremy Says:

    That sign would only appear if you did not delete the Google Maps widget off your page. Make sure to highlight it and delete it.

  3. Ernestina M.Real Says:

    I can’t delete the Google Maps widget.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    What happens when you try to delete it?

  5. Cliff Says:

    Worked perfect – thanks One question I did have — on the old map I was able to drag it into a shape – in my case long and narrow on one map and on another more square – but I zoomed out to show multiply points of interest near by —- on the HTML snippet it seems to be one size and zoom only — any work around

    Thanks Cliff

  6. Simon Says:

    I have the same problem as Ernestina, in that I can’t delete the Google Maps widget. When I do, I just get an error sound. I am also unable to drag it to trash. Any ideas?

  7. Carolina Says:

    You don’t have to delete the Google Maps Widget. Just take the google map away on your page and follow the steps for the HTML snippet.
    It works perfectly fine. Good luck!

  8. Helen Says:

    I have several sites published using iWeb and had this problem with all of them. I have only solved it with the sites that publish straight from iWeb. My sites that I publish through FTP (using RBrowser) do not show Google Maps. The html snippet has been stripped out and the html on the page reads like this:

    Any ideas? Anyone?

  9. Helen Says:

    Sorry that didn’t appear of course!
    I’ll try a shorter version:
    Scripts/Widgets/HTMLRegion’, ‘Scripts/Widgets/SharedResources’, ‘.’, {“emptyLook”: false})

  10. paul Says:

    Google Maps won’t work with the built in Widget anymore. You can try publishing with iWeb SEO Tool or switch to our iWeb replacement app, EverWeb.

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