EverWeb Adds 301 Redirects Feature

March 20th, 2014

In EverWeb’s latest release (1.3), one of the main features added was the ability to include 301 redirects. In case you are unfamiliar with 301 redirects, here is a quick explanation, along with a reason as to why they can be important.

A 301 redirect allows you to essentially change one URL to another. So for example, let’s say before using EverWeb, you had an iWeb site and the URL for the main page was www.jeremysgolfshop.com/Sites/Welcome.html. Now that you are using EverWeb, you have published the EverWeb version of your website, which is located at www.jeremysgolfshop.com. The problem is that the URL www.jeremysgolfshop.com/Sites/Welcome.html still exists, and users are finding it in search engines and visiting your old site. The 301 redirects feature allows you to automatically redirect the user from www.jeremysgolfshop.com/Sites/Welcome.html to www.jeremysgolfshop.com.

This works just beyond your main page on your site. You can set this up for every single page on your website. It also tells search engines that you have permanently changed the URL from the old one to the new one. This should help you to maintain your current search engine rankings.

To learn how to use this feature, please refer to the video tutorial below. Please keep in mind that this feature is specific to the EverWeb hosting plan. Any user who is currently using the EverWeb Standalone version is welcome to upgrade their plans at any time. Just send us an email and let us know you wish to upgrade.

EverWeb, is our all new, easy to use website builder for OS X. With EverWeb, anyone can quickly and easy create professional websites without writing any code or having any technical background. You can learn more on the EverWeb website.

2 Responses to “EverWeb Adds 301 Redirects Feature”

  1. john caluda Says:

    I have a iWeb site on pair network. I have several questions about moving to hosting on your site and using ever web.
    does 301 redirect work if my iWeb site is hosted on pair or is that a question for pair?
    I don’t see any way to add meta tags to the pages like i did with iwebSEO is that not needed with ever web?
    Is transferring a domain name to everweb complicated?
    What information should be in the header and footer?
    Is there any other documentation on SEO help? Like I remember in iWebSeo they recommended putting links to all your pages in the footer.
    Is that still a good idea and is there any information like that to enhance SEO with ever web?
    Another thin I remember about iwebSEO is that it recommended not using the iWeb built in navigator but to build your own. Is that still recommended with everweb or is it optimized for SEO the way it is?

    John Caluda

  2. paul Says:

    1. You can add 301 redirect through Pair, not from within EverWeb. The 301 redirect feature in EverWeb requires EverWeb + Hosting
    2. You can add meta tags under the Page Settings tab.
    3. No, the process is very easy and straightforward. You can point your domain to our server with one simple change in your current web hosting provider’s account. Then you can transfer your domain in the background without any downtime to your site. More details can be found here.
    4. Do you mean the Page Header and Page Footer sections? Typically Javascript and visitor tracking like Google Analytics
    5. Yes, we have a full SEO video tutorial for EverWeb
    6. You don’t have to put links to all your pages in the footer, but the important ones it would be a good idea
    7. You can use the built in navigation bar in EverWeb

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