EverWeb 1.3.1 Released With Lots of Fixes & Enhancements

April 1st, 2014

We’ve posted an updated to EverWeb, our easy to use drag and drop website builder.

Version 1.3.1 focuses on improved stability and bug fixes. It fixes problems with the new Paypal eCommerce widget, adds improved font handling and fixes publishing problems where entire sites would always be published. Full release notes are posted at the bottom of this post.

You can use the ‘Check for Update’ feature within EverWeb (under the EverWeb menu) or download from the EverWeb website.

Let us know what you think of this update.

[NEW] You can now select a text object and just start typing. It will replace whatever text is in the field
[FIX] Fixed publishing where all files would always be published even when using publish changes
[FIX] Paypal widget now accepts prices with decimals
[FIX] Paypal widget item id can use letters now
[FIX] Deleting projects with delete key works again
[FIX] Fixed possible crash when right clicking within projects window
[FIX] Double clicking the site folder to rename it won’t collapse it
[FIX] Windows are saying document # on them instead of the rigtht name for them
[FIX] Contact form now properly sends emails again after sending the first email
[FIX] Widgets now check to make sure they are compatible with the version of EverWeb they are used in
[NEW] Support for additional font styles (light, heavy, condensed etc…)
[FIX] Fixed an issue with using 404 page not founds and 301 redirects causing Internal Server Errors
[FIX] 301 redirects now work even without publishing your entire site
[FIX] Fixed problems with widgets previewing properly within EverWeb
[CHANGE] Automatically inserts http:// in website URL field when publishing to FTP
[FIX] Password protection now works for addon domains
[FIX] Password protection now works for directories within directories
[FIX] Italic and bold styles now work correctly when at the beginning of a paragraph

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  1. Yeremiya Says:

    We need the blogging feature (and hopefully a possibility to import our blog from WordPress/Thesis). Our business model depends on blogging and interacting with the customers! We have been waiting for that feature before switching to your great product.

    Thanks. Best Regards.

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