Directory Changes in EverWeb 1.7

December 28th, 2014

With the release of EverWeb 1.7 we made some changes to the way directories work, but don’t worry, you can easily return to the old functionality with a simple checkbox.

Directories in EverWeb 1.6 and earlier would be their own page. Which means that if a visitor to your page clicked the directory name in the navigation bar, they would be taken to the page you designed for that directory.

On a desktop computer, when the mouse hovered over the directory page in the navigation menu the visitor would see the drop down menu. On mobile devices there is no mouse hover. The visitor has to click on the directory page to see the drop down menu. On iOS this worked pretty well, when you clicked on a directory in the navigation menu you would see the drop down menu. Clicking again would take you to the directory page.

On Android devices this wouldn’t work this way. Basically clicking on the directory page would instantly take you to that page and never show the drop down menu.

For this reason, and because it is unlikely that a visitor would visit that specific directory page, we changed the default behavior. As of EverWeb 1.7 a directory page is not an actual page. So you will now add sub pages to the directory but you can’t actually edit the main directory page.

However, we did leave the option of going back to the old behavior if you preferred that. Keep in mind though, this will cause problems as mentioned above on Android devices.

To return to the old behavior, select the directory in EverWeb and go to Page Settings in the Inspector (first tab). Under the Web Page Description field you will see the option that says ‘Redirect to first child page’. Uncheck that and EverWeb will work as it did before.

12 Responses to “Directory Changes in EverWeb 1.7”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Great work!!! So excited about all these great new features.

  2. Terry Says:

    For a smoother transition to 1.7, would it be a good idea to duplicate each directory page, giving each a name we want for it, before upgrading? i.e. Do we lose what’s on each directory page or does the upgrade automatically make a new page for directory?

  3. paul Says:

    I don’t understand your question, can you clarify? Why do you think you would lose your directory pages when upgrading?

  4. Glynis Says:

    Hi, that great news, as I won’t now have the extra work of putting images and information together for the Directory page.
    Instead of having to build new pages in the directory, I want to put existing pages in the new directory, but it won’t let me do that. Any ideas??

  5. GlenPierce Says:

    I am considering buying the stand-alone version of Everweb. Will the new version 1.7 work with my Mac software 10.6.8?

  6. paul Says:

    Yes, EverWeb 1.7 is fully compatible with OS X 10.6.8 and later (all the way to the latest current Yosemite release)

  7. paul Says:

    @Glynis: Can you contact customer support so we can help you further. I don’t quite understand what you are asking but we can definitely help you through customer support.

  8. Zoe Says:

    Does this update change the “blogging in Everweb” instructions? Is the use of a directory for blogging still accurate with this change?

  9. paul Says:

    No it doesn’t change the blogging instructions.

  10. Robin Ooi Says:

    Thanks for sharing this Paul. I was having the same question with Zoe about the “blogging in Everweb” instructions…


  11. Bunga Papan Jakarta Says:

    Thanks for sharing this Paul, I am considering buying the stand-alone version of Everweb.
    Will the new version 1.7 work with my Mac software 10?

  12. paul Says:

    The latest version of EverWeb, version 2.8, works with OS X 10.7 all the way to Mojave (10.14)

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