Improvements in EverWeb 1.8 You May Not Have Noticed

June 26th, 2015

Aside from all the great new features in EverWeb you may have missed, we made some improvements to existing features to make working with websites much easier. Here are just a few you may or may not have noticed;

1. Previewing and Publishing is much faster

We’ve enhanced the speed of publishing and previewing your website. You’ll notice that as long as you aren’t changing a master page, or making a change that would effect the navigation bar, these features will be significantly faster.

2. Better font support in the Navigation menu

You will now find that light, hairline, medium and semibold fonts will now work properly in the navigation bar. Hairline fonts are now supported in textboxes too!

3. Caching issues on preview

You may have been affected by the caching issues of the preview feature where some font styling would not work right in your browser. We’ve made sure that when previewing locally, a cache file is not stored by your browser so you shouldn’t see this issue anymore.

4. Reduced dependencies on jQuery

We have reduced the dependencies on jQuery so that you website can load faster and not depend on external libraries unless absolutely necessary. In addition, we’ve added better code for included jQuery so your websites shouldn’t display problems in countries that may block it from Google’s servers.


We hope you like the above additions. There is so much more in this release and we invite you to download it and check it our for yourself (it’s free to try!)

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