Secondary Clicking in EverWeb

October 4th, 2018

Seconday clicking is often mistakenly called a right mouse click, however, on a Mac it is actually a two finger tap on the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad or the trackpad on your MacBook laptop. Using secondary clicking is extremely useful in EverWeb and will become even more so with the next release which is due out in the near future. Secondary Clicking…


1. Saves Time

It’s quite often quicker to use secondary click rather than going to the EverWeb’s menu system. For example, if you have an object selected on your page that you want to move forward or backwards, you could mouse over to the Arrange Menu and use the commands there. Instead, you could just secondary click on the object and select the command you want from the pop up menu.


2. Reduces RSI Risk

Repertitive Strain Injury (RSI)affects thousands of people per year. Over use of keyboard and/or mouse use are often cited as key causes of RSI so learning to use both effectively and efficiently will help reduce your risk a bit. Using secondary click will help reduce the amount of physical travel that your fingers, hands, wrists and arms need to make when using a computer as you won’t need to mouse around your screen so much.


3. Offers Unique Options

When secondary clicking, often the list of options presents some that you will not find anywhere else in EverWeb. Typically when secondary clicking on an object in the Editor Window, you will see the Pick Layer option which you will not find anywhere else in EverWeb’s UI.


4. Is Context Sensitive

Wherever you use secondary clicking in EverWeb it is always context sensitive in the choices that if displays. The list of options will therefore be completely different when you secondary click on a page name in the Web Page List to the one you will see when secondary clicking on an object in the Editor.


5. Is Available Throughout EverWeb

You will find secondary clicking available in many places in EverWeb e.g.

  • The background of the Web Page List
  • Page Names in the Web Page List
  • Background of the Editor Window
  • Objects in the Editor Window
  • Background of the Assets List
  • Assets in the Assets List
  • Background of Blog Main and Archive Pages
  • Objects in the Blog Main and Archive Pages
  • Blog Pages in the Blog Page List
  • Blog Page Editor Window



6. Will Have More Features Soon…

The upcoming new release of EverWeb will feature more options for secondary clicking e.g. there is a new ‘Embed In’ option for adding objects in to the new Responsive Row widget that is used in responsive pages. There will also be a couple of other options new options available in other parts of EverWeb which we will give you news on when the update is released.


Secondary click is a great time saver and gives you extra features to help you work smarter and so faster!



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