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May 14th, 2020

Customer service plays an ever more important part of our digital lives. Whenever ordering or buying something online, or sending in an email enquiry or complaint, we expect to have immediate feedback that our request has been received and acknowledged. Confirmation is key in the digital day. We all want to keep track, and have acknowledgement, of what we have done!

As a business you will want your website to be slick, saving your visitors time and unnecessary clicks. Contact forms are a great example where visitors often have to perform extra unnecessary clicks to get out of the contact form once they have sent it!

EverWeb‘s Contact Form Advanced widget is the perfect tool to automate your customer service experience as well as delivering a professional end user experience at the same time. EverWeb 3.2, released in April 2020, has added new features to the Contact Form Advanced widget that give you new, flexible options to better automate and personalize the contact form experience for your visitors.

Customizable Confirmation Emails

The first new feature in the widget gives you the ability to send a confirmation email to your website visitor once they have submitted their contact form. Scroll down to the Confirmation Email Settings section of the Widget Settings where you will find the ‘Send Confirmation Email’ box. Check this setting then edit the ‘Confirmation Email Subject’ field as you want.

The next field down is where you can customize the Confirmation Email message. The message is customizable so that you can include data from the ‘Form Controls’ section further up the widget settings. The format used is % sign followed by the form control name in lower case followed by another % sign. For example, if you have a form control of ‘Name’ you would enter %name% in the Confirmation Email box so that the customer’s name appears in the message.

When adding your own form controls to your message, use lower case even if the form control is capitalized. If the form control has spaces between words, e.g. ‘Email Address’, leave the spaces in when adding the form control to the message e.g. %email address%.

If you want to include all of the fields that are in the Form Controls section then use %allformdata%.

To use this feature you will need Contact Forms Enhanced Addon and reCaptcha SPAM protection enabled.

Page Redirection After Form Submission

Once your visitor has submitted their contact form to you they will be left on the contact form page. Why not redirect them automatically to another page instead, such as the Home page of your site? This is now easy to do in EverWeb 3.2. In the Form Submission Settings section of the widget is the new ‘Forward To Page’ option. You can choose to forward your visitor to any page in your site, or even to a blog post if you want to!

New Email Branding Options

Right at the bottom of the Contact Form Advanced widget’s Widget Settings is the new option Remove Account Login Links in the Misc Settings section. You can use this option when you want to remove the ‘branding’ that is included in the submission emails. Checking the box removes the links that allow you to login to your EverWeb account to manage your form submissions, search, export as CSV and download visttor file uploads. To use this feature you will need to have purchased the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon, however this does not have to be selected in the Inspector or used in the form for removal of Branding to work.

Customized Form Error Validation Messages

One other useful feature you can use to personalize your contact form is using your own error message text when required fields in the form have not been filled in. This feature debuted in EverWeb 3.1 and can be found below the Submit Button section of the Widget Settings.

Adding automated personalization features using EverWeb 3.2’s new features in to your contact form is a great way to professionalize your business in a simple, convenient way.

…and we will be introducing more Contact Form Advanced widget features in the upcoming EverWeb 3.3 so stay tuned!

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