New Version of RAGE Macintosh Explorer Coming Soon

January 24th, 2006

The last version of RAGE Macintosh Explorer came out more than 6 months ago. We’ve been working really hard on cleaning up the code and adding some requested features. The next version is coming really soon, its being tested by our beta testers right now.

We’ve added much better folder updating when you make a change to a folder in the Finder or from within RAGE Macintosh Explorer. Lots of bugs have been fixed and a new file view has been added.

Check back soon, it is very close to being released.

5 Responses to “New Version of RAGE Macintosh Explorer Coming Soon”

  1. staz Says:

    The inconsistant refresh rate has been my biggest problem with Mac Explorer 4.2. Looking Forward to the update

  2. jdguilty Says:

    I guess the phrase “coming soon” is very subjective and open to intepretation. Back on January 24th, we were told that the new version of Macintosh Explorer is “coming soon”, and “it is very close to being released”. Here we are, six weeks later, and no update on the release date. Does anyone else find this frustrating?

  3. paul Says:

    We have encountered some delays, but I can assure you that you will not have to wait much longer at all.

  4. John Faig Says:

    I have stability issues on OS/X 10.4.7. Everytime I move to new directory, I get the “e-mail error report dialog box”. I tried version 4.5 beta. It worked better, but it expired and I have not been able to communicate with anyone to get another beta.

    i have sent at least 5 e-mails. I hope that you guys are still in business and working ona new version.

  5. paul Says:

    Hi John,

    The last email I see from you was from our conversations on June 6, which I replied to on June 7, with a download link to the beta version.

    Have you been sending other messages from a different account? I don’t see any other emails. I am not sure what happened.

    If you ever do not get a reply from us in 24 hours, post here or on our forums at to make sure our replies don’t get caught in any SPAM filters.

    Anyways, you can get a new beta version by tuesday of next week. I’ll be sure to make sure you get notified.

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