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Macintosh Explorer 5.0 Improves Your File Browsing Experience

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

We have just posted a long awaited update to Macintosh Explorer bringing the application to version 5.0. This new update adds support for Quicklook, improves support for Snow Leopard, and fixes many minor bugs and issues with the previous version.

Macintosh Explorer 5.0 is a free update for all registered users.

Macintosh Explorer and iWeb SEO Tool Updated

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

We have a few important updates currently being beta tested. First and foremost, Macintosh Explorer, our file browser for Mac OS X has some new features including a new tabbed interface, support for Quick Look on Leopard and a few more enhancements.

We also have an update to iWeb SEO Tool which improves on some long standing issues. You can now properly use iWeb SEO Tool when you have MobileMe syncing enabled. You can also now optimize blog pages for search engines.

You can download both beta versions from;

Just create a free beta testers account at the above site and you will see both products listed. Try them out and please submit your feedback and any problems you encounter so we can fix them ASAP.

Mac Explorer Now A Universal Binary

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

We have just posted an update to RAGE Macintosh Explorer. This free update to registered users is now a Universal Binary so it runs really fast on your Intel based Macs. Plus we’ve added a few more features including grouping folders together when sorting files, all new toolbar icons, and faster file browsing.

Get the free update on the RAGE Macintosh Explorer download page.

Our First Universal App

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Well we’ve finally done it. We have released our first Universal Application.

Although it did take us a while it doesn’t mean that this is what you can expect from all of our other applications. We already have RAGE ButtonDesign and RAGE Macintosh Explorer running natively on Intel Macs here. We just don’t want to release an update only offering native Intel compatibility.

In fact you can sign up to our beta program at the URL below and start testing it for yourself. Just create your login and you can begin testing;

We hope to get an update to RAGE Macintosh Explorer out before the holiday season. Not only will it be a Universal Binary, but we have also added some nice new features and fixed some annoying bugs.

New Version of RAGE Macintosh Explorer Coming Soon

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

The last version of RAGE Macintosh Explorer came out more than 6 months ago. We’ve been working really hard on cleaning up the code and adding some requested features. The next version is coming really soon, its being tested by our beta testers right now.

We’ve added much better folder updating when you make a change to a folder in the Finder or from within RAGE Macintosh Explorer. Lots of bugs have been fixed and a new file view has been added.

Check back soon, it is very close to being released.