RAGE MapDesign & Rapidweaver

September 23rd, 2007

So we have gotten a lot of emails asking whether or not RAGE MapDesign can easily be used with Rapidweaver. It definitely can be, and it is actually quite easy. We have created a short movie to show exactly how it is done.

The point where most users were have trouble was due to specifying the correct paths to your image files. The following tutorial will show how to add your interactive image maps to Rapidweaver. Although this shows how to add Effects based (CSS) image maps, adding purely HTML image maps can also be done easily. If you are having trouble with that, please feel free to contact support and we will be more than happy to walk you through it, and if necessary create an accompanying video.

Update: As of version 1.2 you no longer need to edit the files to rename the images directory to assets. Just go to the Preferences in RAGE MapDesign and select ‘Create Rapidweaver compatible image maps’. This will automatically use an assets folder instead of an images folder.

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  1. RAGE Software Blog: Macintosh Web Development Software » Blog Archive » Using RAGE ButtonDesign With Rapidweaver Says:

    […] After last weeks video showing how to integrate RAGE MapDesign with Rapidweaver, we got more requests asking how to integrate RAGE ButtonDesign with Rapidweaver. So we have just completed this video tutorial which explains step by step how to do this. […]

  2. Sam Edwards Says:

    I can’t seem to get the relative links working with RAGE MapDesign. I designed a map with one hotspot. I set the Web Site Directory in the MapDesign Inspector at the folder on my hard drive which holds my RapidWeaver files. I set the hotspot’s Behavor -> Link To field to India/India.html, the relative path to the age I want to link to. I copied over the style and html code into my RapidWeaver page, as instructed. But when I click on the hotspot (a rectangle in India), I get the error: The requested URL /SamEuropeAfricaAsia/India/India.html was not found on this server. Why is it searching in SamEuropeAfricaAsia? It should look in /India/India.html, right? What have I done wrong?

  3. paul Says:

    Try entering /India/India.html (with the / at the beginning) and see if that works.

  4. dave Says:

    I am trying to make a map for paintgreen.com’s update, currently sitting at http://www.makadesigns.com/pg The new header has the twittter and facebook icons, and I have made a map, but the map will not integrate into RW. I am using a blocks page, however I want all my pages to show a header like this.

  5. TomDecembre Says:

    My website is under construction with RW5.
    Thank you for the vid, it’s very clear and understandable, even for people like me who don’t understand very well “spoken english”.
    I want my Homepage to be mapped with links to the other pages of my website. So I made one, using MapDesign. It was very simple and easy!!! thanks to Rage!!!
    Then I tried to do exactly as shown on the vid, but I never achieved to import my page in Rapidweaver.
    Then I exported the page directly from MapDesign to my website, and then it woks great, but:
    1/ I cannot work on my website using RapidWeaver without re-exporting my Homepage via MapDesign at every time.
    2/the image on my homepage is stuck on the left side of the screen, and I’like it to be right in the middle.
    Can anyone help me??
    Thanks by advance

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