Are You Losing Customers To A Slow Loading Website?

August 6th, 2008

Have you ever visited a website, waited a while for it to fully load in your browser but get too frustrated after it took so long and just hit the back button or closed your browser window?

Studies have shown that on average, a visitor will wait no more than 8 seconds for a website to load before they close the window and go to a competitor’s website. Shockingly, the average website takes over 14 seconds to fully load.

That’s almost double your customer’s wait time!!

Even more important, as of April of this year, Google has begun using the speed of your website’s load time as an indication of its quality.

Fortunately, for the last few months we have been working on the most advanced website code optimizer for Mac OS X. We have done test after test and added over 10 years of website building experience to intelligently find all the bottlenecks in a website’s design and remove them to help speed up your website.

From optimizing HTML code, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP and more, in addition to JPEGs and PNG image files, RAGE WebCrusher is by far the most advanced website code optimizer for Mac OS X.

Download RAGE WebCrusher 1.0 today and instantly reduce your customer’s wait time.

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