WebCrusher 1.5 Released: Faster Website Optimizations

February 16th, 2009

RAGE WebCrusher has just been updated to version 1.5. This all new update signficantly improves the speed of optimizing your website files. Now you can optimize your website files up to 10x times faster than before.

It also includes improvements to CSS optimizations and PHP optimizations. It is a free update for registered users of version 1.x.

WebCrusher, for those who have never tried it, is an intelligent website code and image optimizer for Mac OS X. It can significantly reduce the size of HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP and Javascript files without changing the appearance of your site. It can also reduce the size of image files making sure your website loads as fast as possible in any web browser.

Download WebCrusher website optimizer for Mac OS X and make sure your site loads as fast as possible for your visitors and customers!

A fast loading website is also essential for a top ranking website in Google and other search engines.

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