Google Confirms XML Sitemaps Helps Find New & Changed Content Faster

June 15th, 2009

Google has confirmed that a study using XML Sitemaps will;

help search engines find new and changed content faster.

According to their Webmaster Tools Blog and a study conducted on the effectiveness of XML Sitemaps.

Two important points can be taken directly from this study;

We conduct this test over a dataset consisting of over five billion URLs that were seen by both systems. According to the most recent statistics at the time of the writing, 78% of these URLs were seen by Sitemaps first, compared to 22% that were seen through Discovery first.

And more importantly;

The main observation from this study is that for an archival domain, Discovery is 63% “efficient” and Sitemaps is 99% efficient in crawling the domain.

Since creating an XML Sitemap is so easy and effortless, there is no reason not to have one.

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