Find Search Engine Keywords Before They Become Popular

June 23rd, 2009

We all know that in order for your website to appear in a search engine’s results page (SERP) you must either have that keyword included in your website content or have another website link to your website using that keyword.

Competing for keywords can be very difficult. Often times a keyword you want to rank high for involves competing with thousands, or millions, of other websites. So what if it were possible to find keywords before they became popular? Almost like seeing into the future.

Well you can get some “insight” into what keywords are rising in popularity with Google Insight for Search.

With Google Insight for Search you can find out what your customers are searching for before the keyword term has become popular. You can narrow your search down to specific countries or regions, look across different services such as Google Web search, news search image search, etc… and even narrow your search down by category.

Google Insights for Search will even provide popular synonyms and upcoming search terms that are gaining in popularity.

Try doing a search for one of your keywords within the last 30 days to see what your customers are searching for on Google Insights for Search.

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