Local Search Just Got A Whole Lot Better: Google Local Business Center

June 29th, 2009

Earlier this month, Google launched their redesigned Google Local Business Center making it extremely easy for businesses to advertise, for free, in Google.

Google Local Business Center makes it extremely easy for small businesses to get their website into Google’s search results, along with specific and important information about their business. For example, you can specify your hour of operations, your exact location which provides searchers with driving directions, contact information and even customized coupons.

With the all new Google Business Center you now get a wealth of information about your potential customers. You can

  1. Find our the exact search term they used to find you
  2. Find out where they are located at how far they travelled to you
  3. Find out how often your business listing appeared in Google’s search results
  4. Find out how many times a customer clicked through to your website for more information on your business

All this information is provided for you on the new Google Business Center dashboard, complete with daily activity for your listings.

Daily summary of activity for your Google Business Center listing

Daily summary of activity for your Google Business Center listing

Total Stats for your Business Listing

Total Stats for your Business Listing

Check out this promotional video to see how Google Local Business Center can help your business grow.

Note: Google Local Business Center is only for US business right now but will be expanding to more countries shortly.

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