iWeb SEO Walkthrough Video Tutorial Released

January 18th, 2010

Over the past few years, iWeb users have used our software to help with their search engine rankings. iWeb SEO Tool has been extremely popular with iWeb users since it lets you easily optimize your iWeb site for search engines.

Over the years we have had numerous requests to provide a more step by step approach to the entire SEO approach. A lot of things about search engine optimization can be overwhelming for people just starting out.

So today we are happy to announce the iWeb SEO Walkthrough Video Tutorial. This step by step video will explain everything you need to know about search engines and iWeb. It will walk you through the entire process making sure you understand what is happening and exactly what needs to be done to get more visitors to your site through search engines.

The iWeb SEO Walkthrough Video Tutorial costs just $69.95 and can be purchased safely and securely through our online store.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. We are always looking for feedback on improving the video.

9 Responses to “iWeb SEO Walkthrough Video Tutorial Released”

  1. Joan Says:

    Thanks! I really like the video so far. There is so much I didn’t know about. I’m very excited to try out some of these techniques on my site.

  2. Shawn Says:

    You have got to be joking, $70.00 for the video? The application is self explanatory and there is tons of SEO information on the Internet.

  3. paul Says:

    @Shawn: The video isn’t about iWeb SEO Tool. It is 70 minutes of a step by step, complete walkthrough of everything you need to know about how to optimize an iWeb site for search engines.

    There is a lot of information about SEO online, but there is so much out there it’s hard to know what is real and what won’t work. It’s also hard for many iWeb users to understand what is going on when the instructions don’t apply directly to iWeb. Most iWeb users are beginners who don’t have the time or just simply won’t understand a lot of the technical jargon used by many of the existing SEO tutorials. I have personally dealt with thousands of iWeb users who have requested something like this for a long time (both through our support system and in person at Macworld). The video has been turning out to be very popular and we have received very good feedback.

    Go ahead and search for the info online and even compare it to the video (since we provide a 30 day money back guarantee anyways, there is no risk in trying it out). I promise you, the video will offer you so much more value then anything you can find online.

    There is also some things you won’t find online in the video such as how to apply header tags (h1, h2 etc…) to iWeb websites.

  4. Shawn Says:

    I am sure it will help many people using iWeb.

    I use mostly all your products and highly recommend Web Crusher, Site Map and the SEO iWeb tool for anyone that is using iWeb.

    It just sounds a little high, but it is only my opinion.

  5. robin Says:

    but it does not work with iWeb09 !!
    if it does please mail me why it doesn’t work when i used it

  6. delphine Says:

    I would like to know how to change the name of the photos that are INSIDE a photo gallerie.
    I can easily change, with SEO tool, the name of any image that is in a “normal” page, but can’t actually access the photos that are in galleries.
    Thank you for your help,
    Delphine Rochereau

  7. paul Says:

    Yes of course it work with iWeb 09 as well as iWeb 08 (and most of the information is even relevant for iWeb 06).

    There is a lot of information in the video so you will have to be more specific about what “doesn’t work” for you. If you can explain where you are at and what is happening I am happy to help.

  8. paul Says:

    The iWeb builds photo galleries (using complex javascript), it is impossible to add alternative image text for those images.

  9. Nicole Says:

    I have been using a Mac now for about 1 year and just found your sites and blog! I am very excited about trying out your videos to help me better SEO my website. I currently rank #11 in Google, so I think this may be the thing that can help push me to the top for my keywords. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for taking care of us Mac users.

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