Apple Updates iWeb To Version 3.0.3

February 16th, 2011

Although I wouldn’t consider this the iWeb 11 update everyone was waiting for, Apple has released a small update to the web publishing software. iWeb 3.0.3 was released today by Apple. This new version brings minor improvements including;

  • Addresses an issue when using the iSight Movie widget on certain Macs
  • Addresses an issue publishing iWeb sites using FTP
  • Improves compatibility with Mac OS X

Although a minor update, this may indicate that Apple is still working on iWeb and hopefully will release something that we can consider iWeb 11 to go along with the previous iLife updates. iWeb is still not yet available in the Mac App Store.

3 Responses to “Apple Updates iWeb To Version 3.0.3”

  1. WebKarnage Says:

    Surely Apple are no longer taking development of iWeb seriously as it’s omission from the App Store proves. It does the simple thing really well as it is, but to make significant strides, a serious re-think would be in order. Would that then alienate the non-serious website builder that iWeb was made for in the first place?

    I feel iWeb has been run down a bit of a cul-de-sac (dead end road) as it stands. Making a serious move forward while being able to import old iWeb projects doesn’t seem like a nice task they’ve left themselves.

    I think like Appleworks, it will have to be said goodbye to at some point to move on.


  2. David Says:

    I think this is nonsense. Apple have made GarageBand, iMovie, and other programs simple. They can make a sophisticated website program simple. I look forward to a major new release.

  3. Shifting gears Says:

    My IWeb fix list would be:

    1. Better html/html5 code output that is less bloated and easier for spiders to crawl.
    2. Standard meta tag global and single page variables for easy meta tag control. Currently this is the worst issue with IWeb. No meta tags equals zero ranking in Google.
    3. Currently, very poor directory and index page structure. Pages are hard to spider due to how deep some index pages and directories are placed. Again, output code needs a clean-up.
    4. Total disregard of business templates and the business side of website creation.
    5. Need Facebook style templates that work with Apple’s new ICloud would be nice.
    6. Make new IWeb more open to third party plug-ins.

    Basically, get serious with IWeb.

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