Search Engine Friendly Page Names

April 25th, 2011

In the first lesson of the on-page optimizations section, we will discuss a commonly overlooked place to insert your keywords. Remember to register to view the entire RapidWeaver SEO course, and to ensure you are watching the most updated video tutorials.

Video Transcript

If we take a look at what we see in our address bar here, we see this site’s domain, which is If we look directly beside the domain name, we see “golf swing trainers and practice aids.” The latter part of that address is what is known as the page filename. Page filenames are a fantastic place for us to include our websites keywords. Unfortunately, many webmasters make the mistake of not taking advantage of this opportunity. You will notice how this particular address is not painfully long, has dashes separating the words, and is very clean looking. This page name makes it much easier for search engines to understand what this particular page revolves around. If we compare this address to one that looked something like this, we can really get a good idea of how search engines would have an easier time categorizing this page.

It’s typical to see webmasters naming their page files with generic names such as page1 or homepage. Our goal is to utilize every option we have for incorporating our keywords into our website. Whenever you create a new page, make sure your file is given a keyword rich name.

If you already have pages with poor filenames but are actually successful with search engines, do not change the filename as this will ruin your ranking. Just be sure to apply this optimization tip in the future.

To name your files, highlight the file in the Webpages navigation on the left. Then press the Page Info button, and where it says Filename, type in your new page file name. Try to use a key-term that is greater than one word, and less than 6 words in length. Remember to use dashes to separate each word. It is important to note that your homepage’s filename will be index.html. Do not rename this page. Just leave it as is.

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